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By Aaron Kesel

A small town in northwestern Iowa called Ida Grove has voted to end treating its city’s drinking water with fluoride.

The Ida Grove City Council voted to halt fluoride treatment in the city’s water supply, the Sioux City Journal reported. The move comes after city leaders and residents challenged whether the fluoride was effective at preventing tooth decay or presented health risks

A recent survey distributed through utility bills found that most citizens of the 2,000 population city didn’t support fluoridation, according to the clerk’s office.

Fluoridating water has long been debated across the country, and some opponents have argued that its health effects aren’t completely understood.



There are three types of fluoride used to “fluoridate” water supplies: Fluorosilicic acid, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride.

Fluorosilicic acid is the type most often used for cost reasons, and it is derived from phosphate fertilizers according to the CDC’s website.

The other two are created by adding either table salt or caustic soda to the mix.

Although if you bring up the topic of fluoride you are heavily ridiculed, the cited scientific research in this article will make you think twice. That maybe, just maybe a chemical does cause damage to the human body in numerous ways and is linked to several disorders affecting teeth, bones, the brain, and the thyroid gland, as well as lowering IQ.

To this writer’s knowledge, everything started in 1995 when Dr. Phyllis Mullenix Ph.D., a highly respected pharmacologist and toxicologist, found that rats who had fluoride added to their diet exhibited abnormal behavioral traits in a published study.

In 2005, a study conducted at the Harvard School of Dental Health found that fluoride in tap water directly contributed to causing bone cancer in young boys.

“New American research suggests that boys exposed to fluoride between the ages of five and 10 will suffer an increased rate of osteosarcoma – bone cancer – between the ages of 10 and 19,” according to a London Observer article about the study.

Based on the findings of the study, the respected Environmental Working Group — a non-profit research organization environmental watchdog — lobbied to have fluoride in tap water be added to the U.S. government’s classified list of substances known or anticipated to cause cancer.

After reviewing fluoride toxicological data, the NRC reported in 2006, “It’s apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain.”

In another article by Scientific American, a study “Concluded that fluoride can subtly alter endocrine function, especially in the thyroid — the gland that produces hormones regulating growth and metabolism.”

The report also notes that “a series of epidemiological studies in China have associated high fluoride exposures with lower IQ.”

“Epidemiological studies and tests on lab animals suggest that high fluoride exposure increases the risk of bone fracture, especially in vulnerable populations such as the elderly and diabetics,” writes Dan Fagin.

Fagin interviewed Steven Levy, director of the Iowa Fluoride Study which tracked about 700 Iowa children for sixteen years. Nine-year-old “Iowa children who lived in communities where the water was fluoridated were 50 percent more likely to have mild fluorosis… than [nine-year-old] children living in nonfluoridated areas of the state,” writes Fagin.

In 2012, years later, a Reuters headline read: “Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Lowers IQ – Published in Federal Gov’t Journal.”

Then the U.S. government finally admitted in 2015 that they’ve overdosed Americans on fluoride and, for the first time since 1962, lowered its recommended level of fluoride in drinking water, Mercola reported.

Even the Chinese have found that fluoride in drinking water causes damage to children’s livers and kidneys, according to an August 2006 Chinese study.

So is the anti-fluoride conspiracy global?  Or maybe there is really something there to suggest that chemical waste is dangerous … go figure.

Interestingly enough, when digging I found a case in town where they found out the hard way that fluoride added to their water supply began corroding pipes and even damaging city vehicles.

In 2014, a report from the world’s oldest and most prestigious medical journal, The Lancet, officially classified fluoride as a neurotoxin — in the same category as arsenic, lead, and mercury.

Further, the EPA published a now-deleted document stating that fluoride is a chemical “with substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity.”

A study, published in the journal Environmental Health in 2015, found that states with a higher portion of artificially fluoridated water had a higher prevalence of ADHD. This relationship held up across six different years examined. The authors, psychologists Christine Till and Ashley Malin at Toronto’s York University, looked at the prevalence of fluoridation by state in 1992 and rates of ADHD diagnoses in subsequent years.

“States in which a greater proportion of people received artificially-fluoridated water in 1992 tended to have a greater proportion of children and adolescents who received ADHD diagnoses [in later years], after controlling for socioeconomic status,” Malin says. Wealth is important to take into account because the poor are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD, she says. After income was adjusted for, though, the link held up.”

Another study in 2015 from the University of Kent suggests that fluoride in drinking water may trigger depression and weight gain by causing thyroid problems, reported.

Fluoride isn’t the only chemical to worry about in our water; in 2017, the  Environmental Working Group, released a searchable database that shows almost 50,000 public water systems in the U.S. that are contaminated with dozens of harmful chemicals.

Some of the chemicals found in your drinking water include – arsenic, hexavalent chromium, radiation, chloroform, perfluorooctanoic acid, Bromodichloromethane, Dichloroacetic acid, Barium, and Uranium; and that’s just scratching the surface of the 250-plus contaminants the group discovered.

In 2016, the EWG found that two-thirds of Americans’ water is contaminated with the carcinogen that Erin Brockovich exposed – chemical chromium 6 or hexavalent chromium – affecting the tap water of more than 218 million Americans.

A 2008 study by the National Toxicology Program found that chromium-6 in drinking water caused cancer in rats and mice that were exposed to the chemical.

It’s been 20 years since the EPA last passed any new drinking water regulations. Regardless, it’s clear that municipalities have not been following the guidelines anyway.

If you’re in the U.S. you can check your own water supply by visiting the Tap Water Database, which allows anyone in the U.S. to enter their zip code or local utility’s name and find out what’s lurking in their local water supply.



Op-Ed by Catherine J. Frompovich

Oh, it just had to happen.

I anxiously was waiting for it!

It addresses “equality and fairness” issues and ethics dividing the Democrat Party and the Republican Party because, in my opinion, Hillary Clinton lost the U.S. presidency for the New World Order cabal! Their Agenda fulfillment now may have to wait until either 2020 or 2024.

But today, it happened!



James Freeman, in an Opinion piece at The Wall Street Journal (March 25, 2019) asks for, or recommends, an unprecedented accounting from Robert Mueller and former President Barack Obama.

Why?  Freeman claims the former president owes the USA an explanation for the historic abuse of surveillance powers taken by and used during his administration.

Scott Jennings says there must be a “credibility reckoning” for Democrats, as all that happened, happened on Obama’s watch!

Now that the RussiaGate ‘investigation’, aka “witch hunt,” may be behind us, perhaps the puppeteer controllers and media need to realize the public has abandoned mainstream news reporting.  Didn’t a global survey find twice as many people distrust the mainstream media as trust it?

Did the controllers overplay their hand?

An interesting book, Post-Truth: How Bullshit Conquered the World by James Ball, I think, may be an excellent jumping-off point for delving into understanding the deeper rabbit holes of selective media reporting, probable corporate-controlled media domination since 6 corporations control 90% of U.S. media, and the almost visceral hatred for “anti-anything” opposition party politics can dream up.

What will become the next “….Gate”?

“5G-Gate”  “VaccineGate”  “PelosiGate”  “SchumerGate”  “SurveillanceGate”

Any suggestions?

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

Catherine’s NEW book: Eat To Beat Disease, Foods Medicinal Qualities ©2016 Catherine J Frompovich is now available




By B.N. Frank

Congratulations for Ripon, California parents who finally convinced Sprint to remove a cell tower from school property.

From Fox40

Parents in Ripon have been fighting for a Sprint cell tower to come down for roughly two years and they’re calling the company’s latest decision a major win.


(Kellie) Prime and Monica Ferrulli have been fighting for this since their sons, Kyle and Mason, were diagnosed with cancer.

“Talking to specialists in the field, scientists, our own doctors,” Ferrulli explained. “All the information that we gathered indicated that that tower could be a factor in their illness.”


They say a total of eight were diagnosed in the past couple of years.

“Having so many at one school in the district, with that tower being the one thing that sets Weston apart from the other schools, it’s the only thing we had to look into,” Prime said.

After holding protests, and taking their concerns to the school board, Sprint now says it plans to move the cell tower.



Regardless of what Sprint has to say about their tower, telecom companies have been warning shareholders for many years already that they may eventually be held liable for harm caused by their products and infrastructure.  Insurance companies haven’t been doing business with telecoms either because it’s too risky.

Not only that – no “safe” level of wireless radiation exposure has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women.

Activist Post reported about this situation twice already (See 1, 2).  In January, Activist Post also reported about cancer clusters near cell towers in other U.S locations.

Cancer clusters near cell towers have been reported at locations all over the world.  People everywhere (including elected officials) are trying to keep them from being installed on school property (See 1, 2) and elsewhere for good reason.

The International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) has opposed the use of their stations for cell towers and antennas since 2004 because of health risks from exposure.  If firefighters don’t want to be exposed to cell tower radiation for long periods of time – then why would anyone else want this for themselves or their loved ones?

For more information, visit the following websites:

Wireless Information Network
Americans for Responsible Technology
Center For Safer Wireless
Center For Electrosmog Prevention
Clear Light Ventures
EMF Safety Network
Environmental Health Trust
Generation Zapped
National Association for Children and Safe Technology
Parents for Safe Technology
Scientists for Wired Tech
We Are The Evidence

Wireless Right to Know




By Catherine J. Frompovich

“I hope that someday the practice of producing cowpox in human beings will spread over the world – when that day comes, there will be no more smallpox. – Edward Jenner

Holy cow!

Edward Jenner did not know cowpox and smallpox were/are two different organisms or diseases!

And the pharmaceutical industry followed charlatan Edward Jenner into a perpetuity of high profits and criminal scientific misdemeanors for which Big Pharma and vaccine manufacturers are not being held accountable within product liability law, at least in the USA, due to the actions of the U.S. Congress in 1986 when it passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA).

By 1985, vaccine manufacturers had difficulty obtaining liability insurance. … Because of this, Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) in 1986, establishing a federal no-fault system to compensate victims of injury caused by mandated vaccines.


[Who says vaccines are safe, if Congress in 1986 recognized injuries caused by vaccines? Don’t people have the inherent right to protect themselves and their children from known vaccine adverse health effects, especially neurotoxins and toxic chemicals?]



Cowpox Definition


a viral disease of cows’ udders which, when contracted by humans through contact, resembles mild smallpox, and was the basis of the first smallpox vaccines.

[Dictionary online]

Cowpox is a viral skin infection caused by the cowpox or catpox virus. This is a member of the Orthopoxvirus family, which includes the variola virus that causes smallpox. Cowpox is similar to but much milder than the highly contagious and sometimes deadly smallpox disease.


What is the treatment for cowpox?

However, studies in mice suggest a role for the viral DNA polymerase inhibitor cidofovir, given parenterally, topically, or in an aerosolized form, for disseminated cases of cowpox. Patients should be made aware that their lesions are potentially infectious, but no person-to-person transmission has been reported. Jun 19, 2018


Medical Care

Because cowpox is generally a self-limited disease, treatment is largely supportive. Patients often do not feel well and require bed rest or, occasionally, hospitalization.


What is the treatment of cowpox?

There is no cure for cowpox, but the disease is self-limiting. The human immune response is sufficient to control the infections on its own. The lesions heal by themselves within 6–12 weeks. Often patients are left with scars at the site of the healed pox lesions.

Patients may feel unwell and require bed rest and supportive therapy. Wound dressings or bandages may be applied to lesions to prevent spread to other sites and potentially to other people.

Patients with underlying skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis, may be at greater risk of generalised cowpox.


How many people have died from cowpox?

The scourge of the world. An estimated 300 million people died from smallpox in the 20th century alone. This virulent disease, which kills a third of those it infects, is known to have co-existed with human beings for thousands of years. Feb 17, 2011


The question above refers to cowpox, but the data “spinmiesters” cite smallpox deaths!

What kind of transparency, plus scientific accuracy, is that in reporting medical and health information over the Internet?  Doesn’t that represent an example of real fake news?

Vaccine MIS-information probably is the primary example of fake news on the Internet!

I believe I can make that statement unequivocally, as the above discussion of cowpox not being smallpox clearly demonstrates, plus my researching vaccine science data since the 1980s!

In England, the Royal Society For Public Health, Vision and Practice published online its 36-page report “Moving The Needle, Promoting vaccination uptake across the life course,” which clearly sets out the projected long-range plans for all the vaccines coming from Big Pharma.

Survival Solar Battery Charger - Free Today!

In the above Report’s section titled “Responsibility of the press,” we find this:

The press, therefore, has a responsibility to share accurate, evidence-based information about vaccinations, given the vital role vaccinations play in improving and maintaining the health of the population. [Pg. 32] [CJF emphasis everywhere]

No truer words spoken, but definitely not practiced by mainstream media!

There are thousands of peer-reviewed articles regarding the dangers and downfalls of vaccines, their ingredients and harms, vaccine package inserts [Contraindications, Adverse Events], etc. published online, and

the CDC’s VAERS system;
the HHS HRSA Vaccine Injury Compensation Payout Data & Statistics reports;
National Vaccine Information Center;
Children’s Health Defense, just to mention a few.

Is there an obvious Conclusion?

If Jenner’s ignorance, misinformation and ‘scientific’ lie(s) have been promoted since the 1700s, isn’t it time to confess the mistake; correct the science; and re-establish scientific integrity within medicine and pharmacology?

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

Catherine’s NEW book: Eat To Beat Disease, Foods Medicinal Qualities ©2016 Catherine J Frompovich is now available


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By Julia Conley

Supporters of U.S. Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning are demanding she be released from solitary confinement, in which she has been held for 17 days since refusing to answer a grand jury’s questions.

Chelsea Resists!, Manning’s support committee, released a statement over the weekend denouncing her treatment and invoking the United Nations’ own statements about the dangers and injustice of isolation in prisons.

“We condemn the solitary confinement that Chelsea Manning has been subjected to during her incarceration at William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center,” the group wrote.



“Chelsea can’t be out of her cell while any other prisoners are out, so she cannot talk to other people, or visit the law library, and has no access to books or reading material,” the committee added.

Other supporters on social media joined the call for Manning to be released.

Manning has been held in isolation for 22 hours per day, with one break from 1:00 to 3:00am. Her treatment qualifies as prolonged solitary confinement according to Juan Mendez, U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture.

“After 15 days,” Mendez wrote in 2014, “certain changes in brain functions occur and the harmful psychological effects of isolation can become irreversible. Prolonged solitary confinement must be absolutely prohibited, because it always amounts to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, and may even constitute torture.”

The group also condemned the prison system’s use of the term “administrative segregation,” or adseg, to whitewash Manning’s treatment.

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The term was “designed to sound less cruel than ‘solitary confinement,’” wrote the committee. “However, Chelsea has been kept in her cell for 22 hours a day. This treatment qualifies as solitary confinement.”

Manning arrived at the Truesdale detention center in Alexandria, Virginia on March 8 after appearing before a grand jury, which she says interrogated her about her 2010 decision to leak U.S. military documents to Wikileaks, making public possible U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Manning said she had already answered similar questions in 2010 when she was court-martialed before serving seven years of a 35-year prison sentence, and answered the grand jury by saying, “I object to the question and refuse to answer on the grounds that the question is in violation of my First, Fourth, and Sixth Amendment, and other statutory rights.”

She was found to be in contempt of court and imprisoned as a result.

“Chelsea is a principled person, and she has made clear that while this kind of treatment will harm her, and will almost certainly leave lasting scars, it will never make her change her mind about cooperating with the grand jury,” the committee’s statement reads.

By Julia Conley / Creative Commons / Common Dreams

This article was sourced from The Mind Unleashed.


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By Mark J. Perry

“Why New Yorkers Flee for Florida” is the title of Florida Sen. Rick Scott’s op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal, here’s a slice:

When I ran for governor in 2010, I evaluated Florida as a turnaround opportunity. It had great assets—and, more important, great people—but was suffering from mismanagement and a lack of leadership. The naysayers said a businessman can’t make government work. They were wrong. My administration cut more than $10 billion in taxes and more than 5,000 burdensome regulations. Florida businesses created nearly 1.7 million new jobs. We paid off more than one-third of our state debt over my eight years as governor while we made record investments in education, transportation and the environment.

I made more than 20 trips to high-tax states like California, Connecticut, Illinois, New York and Pennsylvania to lure businesses to Florida. The tax-happy leaders of those states were furious, which made the visits all the more enjoyable for me. They called me every name in the book. But they were the ones who raised taxes, and bad decisions have consequences.



The elites in New York and Washington should commission a study of Florida to see what happens when conservative ideas are put into practice. The luxury real-estate market in Manhattan may be sagging, but Florida’s economy is thriving, expanding at a record pace.

There’s a reason Florida surpassed New York as the third-largest state. There’s a reason Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s mom left New York for Florida. And there’s a reason companies are fleeing high-tax states, bringing jobs with them to Florida, Tennessee and Texas.

Actually, the table above displays 14 different reasons why individuals and companies are leaving New York for Florida. On a variety of more than a dozen measures of economic growth, business friendliness, labor market vitality, tax burdens, and state fiscal conditions, Florida comes out ahead of New York on every single measure. In other words, Florida 14, New York 0.

There is empirical evidence that Americans and businesses do “vote with their feet” when they relocate from one state to another, and the evidence suggests that Americans are moving from states that are more economically stagnant, fiscally unhealthy states with higher tax burdens and unfriendly business climates with fewer economic and job opportunities, to fiscally sound states that are more economically vibrant, dynamic and business-friendly, with lower tax and regulatory burdens and more economic and job opportunities.

This article is republished with permission from the American Enterprise Institute. 

This article was sourced from

Mark J. Perry is a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a professor of economics and finance at the University of Michigan’s Flint campus.

Image credit: Flickr: DonkeyHotey (




By Clint Siegner

Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration worked closely together to hustle a new passenger jet through the safety certification process. The combined efforts to save time and cost, coupled with little sense of accountability, resulted in a tragic safety flaw.

Now hundreds of passengers are dead, albeit in other countries. The public is finding the enormous trust placed in the manufacturer and the agency tasked with monitoring safety was badly misplaced.

The regulator tasked with safety appeared more interested in protecting Boeing’s monopoly and bottom line.

Here is an excerpt from an article last week in the Seattle Times:

Federal Aviation Administration managers pushed its engineers to delegate wide responsibility for assessing the safety of the 737 MAX to Boeing itself. But safety engineers familiar with the documents shared details that show the analysis included crucial flaws.



The FBI announced it will join a criminal investigation into the process for certifying the 737 MAX.

Precious metals investors will find many elements of the Boeing story familiar.

Gold and silver bugs have already learned just how dangerous it is to trust corrupt and captured federal regulators. Now that lesson is being taught to Americans at large.

By the time all the details of this sordid tale have been published, more Americans will wonder who federal regulators really work for.

Gold and silver investors who have been similarly betrayed by the regulators. Regulatory malfeasance and corruption is a theme the precious metals markets and airline industry have in common.

Concerns over regulatory capture and a track record of failure were largely ignored. Editors at Bloomberg outlined some of the history of the FAA in a March 21st editorial. Suffice it to say the recent crashes aren’t the only examples of the agency putting the needs of airlines and plane manufacturers ahead of public safety.

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the primary regulator for gold and silver futures markets, spun its wheels for five years on an investigation into rigging of silver prices. The investigation ended in 2013, without a single charge being levied.

Just 3 years later, Deutsche Bank agreed to settle a civil suit and cooperate by providing evidence for use against the other banks involved.

The bank turned over hundreds of thousands of documents and dozens of recordings which reveal widespread price rigging during the exact period of time the CFTC was investigating.

Congressman Alex Mooney (R-WV) is demanding the CFTC explain itself.

Regulators collaborate with the wolves who guard the hen house. The FAA outsourced much of its work to Boeing and agency managers pressured their own people to meet the company’s demands.

When it comes to financial regulation, the situation is no different. And it could even be worse.

The CFTC works closely with banks, and employees there often leave to take high paying job in the industry they used to regulate.

Most Americans don’t realize, however, that banks have been put in charge of their own oversight as a matter of law. Regulators aren’t collaborating with wolves, they are wolves. The Federal Reserve is the primary regulator for banks and it is owned by the likes of JPMorgan Chase and Citicorp.

Too bad most Americans didn’t know about that when the Fed masterminded the bank bailouts in 2008.

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It would have helped them understand why the central bank was eager for banks to avoid accountability for the massive fraud and resulting economic catastrophe.

Unless outrage forces a major reevaluation of the regulatory scheme, there isn’t likely going to be much change.

The federal agencies involved will still be in charge of oversight. Worse, if history repeats, they may be rewarded with budget increases. Officials generally whine about a lack of resources and Congress usually buys it.

There is another parallel between the recent plane crashes and price rigging in the metals markets, and this time it is good news.

The customary process, whereby the regulator conducts the investigation and either takes no action or slaps a few wrists, is going to be circumvented.

The Department of Justice is pursuing criminal investigations in both cases. And both will be litigated in civil court where class action attorneys can take full advantage of the large troves of evidence available.

The corporations and the regulators that have enjoyed such a close working relationship have lost credibility. Outside parties are going to get a look at what happened. There is genuine reason to hope people will be held to account this time.

Clint Siegner is a Director at Money Metals Exchange, a precious metals dealer recently named “Best in the USA” by an independent global ratings group. A graduate of Linfield College in Oregon, Siegner puts his experience in business management along with his passion for personal liberty, limited government, and honest money into the development of Money Metals’ brand and reach. This includes writing extensively on the bullion markets and their intersection with policy and world affairs.


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By Patricia Burke

A cheerful recent pro-industry 5-minute video about 5G (fifth generation) telecommunication invites viewers to look forward to the faster download speeds.  The narrator highlights installation of cell sites and related infrastructure, and the fact that we should get ready to throw out all of our cellphones, because they will all soon need to be replaced.

Not mentioned in the video is the massive exploitation of resources including conflict minerals that will be required, as well as e-waste from millions of discarded cellphones and other devices. [1]



5G Technical Challenges

Meanwhile, in a February 2019 report on the 5G telecommunications rollout in Sacramento, California, ELJ Wireless focused on some of the challenges of the service, which is based on millimeter wave technology that only travels a short range. ‘The author of that report estimated Verizon would need as many as 4,000 5G sites to adequately cover Sacramento.’ [2]

5G Monetization and Customer Adoption Challenges

ELJ just revisited the Sacramento deployment again; issuing a report this week explaining why it believes that Verizon’s “5G Home” may not succeed.

Source: Sacramento CBS13

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A research firm specializing in media and telecommunications issued an in-depth report this week explaining why it believes Verizon’s 5G Home service may not succeed.

Sacramento is one of four US cities where Verizon began rolling out fixed wireless broadband last October and an analysis conducted specifically in Sacramento by MoffettNathanson Research suggests that nearly six months later, fewer than one tenth of one percent of people living in single family homes here have signed up for the service.


The report titled “A Peek Behind the Curtain of Verizon’s 5G Rollout” uses data provided by the city of Sacramento under a public records act request combined with the firm’s independent search of 45,000 street addresses using the database on Verizon’s 5G Home website. The database reveals which addresses have or might have 5G service and which addresses have already subscribed.

The research revealed that the 273 small 5G cell sites installed by Verizon under an agreement with the city of Sacramento cover less than six percent of residential addresses in the seven zip codes analyzed — and of those eligible addresses, fewer than half have signed on with Verizon.


While addressing the technical issues involving Verizon 5G Home, the Moffett Nathanson analysis focuses more on the potential profitability of the service. The report concludes that Verizon’s assumption that wireless broadband is cheaper to deploy than fiber is flawed, and offers a model showing the cost of running fiber to subscribers’ homes system-wide could actually be 64 percent cheaper than installing small cell wireless.

Moffett Nathanson says it was already skeptical about Verizon’s overall chances of earning a positive return on its 5G Home initiative and its analysis of the service in Sacramento has made it even more so.

(It is not known if any of the early adopters in the Sacramento 5G deployment are Verizon employees, or industry or political partners of Verizon, as was the case, in the flawed Worcester National Grid smart meter pilot program in Massachusetts. Nonetheless, adoption of Verizon 5G Home has been underwhelming.)

Majority Involuntary Exposure for Benefit of So Few A Minority?

Extrapolating from Sacramento, is it possible that 100% of the population with be blanketed with small cells necessitated by the desires of one tenth of one percent of the population?

In some cases, those small cells will be installed alongside residential homes, with the probability of lowering property values.

Source: EMF Safety Network

As reported by the EMF Safety Network,

“Small cell” is a junkyard on a pole. “Small cell” towers are not small; they are many feet taller than other telephone poles and loaded with electrical equipment. These photos to the left are of “small cell” towers on Link Lane and Sebastopol Road in Santa Rosa, California. Overloading poles can cause a tower to fall or spark a fire like what happened in Malibu in 2007.[3]

Did those homeowners seeking 5G-connectivity sign up to have the small cell installed in front of their own property?

And in some cases, small cells will be installed in proximity to health-vulnerable individuals who may be forced from their homes. [4] Had the Sacramento citizens been consulted as well as informed about the benefits and risks of the untested technology, perhaps Verizon would have been sent packing?

Here is the Real Reason Why 5G Should Not Succeed: Health Damages

Herein lies the problem with telecommunication industry 5G plans.

Alongside claims of the benefits of emergency surgery and remote medicine, the industry is assuming that human physiology will not notice millimeter wave’s capabilities to penetrate the skin…. as if only the internal organs are of any consequence.

Some scientists disagree.

Acupuncture may also disagree.

In his article, “Acupuncture: The Historical Basis and Its US Practitioners,” Gene George Hong, MD wrote,

Acupuncture was essentially unknown in the United States until President Nixon’s visit to China in the early 1970s. James Reston of the New York Times was treated for pain after an appendectomy with acupuncture while serving as a member of the US press corps in China.1 His first-person account was widely publicized in the United States. Historically, the discovery of acupuncture was credited to the Chinese Emperor Huangdi in 2500 BC. He also is credited with the invention of Chinese written language and agriculture. The development of acupuncture likely predated Emperor Huangdi and took place during the Neolithic Period, 5000 BC to 6000 BC.

The West’s understanding of the mechanics of the human energy field pales in comparison to the practices refined over thousands of years in ancient China and India. Patients of acupuncture access healing because the needles, which barely penetrate the skin, activate points that have specific properties not recognized or understood in Western medicine.

Lacking an understanding of the skin’s essential role as the mediator between the internal and external environment, the West is being driven by aggressive, market-driven, blind, uninformed techno-optimism.

We have countless examples of technological innovation gone awry, in many cases sourced from industries that withheld evidence of harm, accompanied by lax regulation.

The ‘Miracle on the Hudson’” pilot Capt. Sullenberger made a statement this week stated about the crash of the Boeing jetliner;

Staffing has not been adequate for FAA employees to oversee much of the critically important work of validating and approving aircraft certification. Instead, much of the work has been outsourced by designating aircraft manufacturer employees to do the work on behalf of the FAA. This, of course, has created inherent conflicts of interest, when employees working for the company whose products must be certified to meet safety standards are the ones doing much of the work of certifying them.”


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‘Boeing, in developing the 737 Max 8, obviously felt intense competitive pressure to get the new aircraft to market as quickly as possible.’


To make matters worse, there is too cozy a relationship between the industry and the regulators. And in too many cases, FAA employees who rightly called for stricter compliance with safety standards and more rigorous design choices have been overruled by FAA management, often under corporate or political pressure.

Let me be clear, without effective leadership and support from political leaders in the administration, the FAA does not have sufficient independence to be able to do its job, which is to keep air travelers and crews safe. Oversight must mean accountability, or it means nothing.

Source: Barron’s

Telecom companies, unlike Boeing, further control the dialogue about their products through their massive advertising budgets in TV and print news.

If the scientists sounding the alarm about 5G are right, the damage unleashed by lax regulation of Boeing by the FAA, of the soft drink industry by the CDC, of the soft drink industry by the FDA, of Exxon and Monsanto by the EPA, will not even approach the damage that is being unleashed by the FCC.

The emergency is that we believe that wireless will make our lives safer.

As noted by Joshua Hart,

The Camp Fire and other recent catastrophic wildfires have revealed the weakness and fallibility of cellular systems in an emergency. There is little doubt that people died because they did not receive timely warnings from a wireless communications network that was already compromised by fire when it was needed most. Let’s learn from this tragedy. [5]

Citizens accepting and promoting narratives about AI, 5G and the IOT in the name of sustainability, or progress, or winning the war against China, or solving the digital divide, including those promoting the Green New Deal’s emphasis on technological innovation, are on the wrong side of ethics, the wrong side of science, and the wrong side of history.



Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].


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By Stephanie Savell

This March marked the 16th anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

In 2003, President George W. Bush and his advisers based their case for war on the idea that Saddam Hussein, then dictator of Iraq, possessed weapons of mass destruction — weapons that have never been found. Nevertheless, all these years later, Bush’s “Global War on Terror” continues — in Iraq and in many other countries.

It’s a good time to reflect on what this war — the longest in U.S. history — has cost Americans and others around the world.

First, the economic costs: According to estimates by the Costs of War project at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, the war on terror has cost Americans a staggering $5.6 trillion since 2001, when the U.S. invaded Afghanistan.



$5.6 trillion. This figure includes not just the Pentagon’s war fund, but also future obligations such as social services for an ever-growing number of post-9/11 veterans.

It’s hard for most of us to even begin to grasp such an enormous number.

It means Americans spend $32 million per hour, according to a counter by the National Priorities Project at the Institute for Policy Studies.

Put another way: Since 2001, every American taxpayer has spent almost $24,000 on the wars — equal to the average down payment on a house, a new Honda Accord, or a year at a public university.

(Cartoon: Khalil Bendib /

As stupefying as those numbers are, the budgetary costs pale in comparison with the human toll.

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As of 2015, when the Costs of War project made its latest tallies, up to 165,000 Iraqi civilians had died as a direct consequence of U.S. war, plus around 8,000 U.S. soldiers and military contractors in Iraq.

Those numbers have only continued to rise. Up to 6,000 civilians were killed by U.S.-led strikes in Iraq and Syria in 2017 –– more civilians than in any previous year, according to the watchdog group AirWars.

In addition to those direct deaths, at least four times as many people in Iraq have died from the side effects of war, such as malnutrition, environmental degradation, and deteriorated infrastructure.

Since the 2003 invasion, for instance, Iraqi health care has plummeted — with hospitals and clinics bombed, supplies of medicine and electricity jeopardized, and thousands of physicians and healthcare workers fleeing the country.

Meanwhile, the war continues to spread, no longer limited to Afghanistan, Iraq, or Syria, as many Americans think. Indeed, the U.S. military is escalating a shadowy network of anti-terror operations all across the world — in at least 76 nations, or 40 percent of countries on the planet.

Last October, news about four Green Berets killed by an Islamic State affiliate in the West African nation of Niger gave Americans a glimpse of just how broad this network is. And along with it comes all the devastating consequences of militarism for the people of these countries.

American Natural Superfood - Free Sample

We must ask: Are these astounding costs worth it? Is the U.S. accomplishing anything close to its goal of diminishing the global terrorist threat?

The answer is, resoundingly, no.

U.S. activity in Iraq and the Middle East has only spurred greater political upheaval and unrest. The U.S.-led coalition is seen not as a liberating force, but as an aggressor. This has fomented insurgent recruitment, and there are now more terrorist groups in the Middle East than ever before.

Until a broad swath of the American public gets engaged to call for an end to the war on terror, these mushrooming costs — economic, human, social, and political — will just continue to grow.

By Stephanie Savell / Creative Commons / OtherWords

This article was sourced from The Mind Unleashed.


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By Jon Miltimore and Carey Wedler

Conservatives tend to have two bad habits. First, they’re prone to viewing the past through a nostalgic lens. Second, they tend to instinctively give law enforcement the benefit of the doubt.

These tendencies help explain why conservatives for decades have been able to overlook the many abuses—constitutional, legal, and moral—of US intelligence agencies.

Unlike some more seasoned media, conservatives have appeared genuinely shocked by revelations of the Trump-Russia saga: abuse of FISA warrants, classified leaks from top FBI brass, corruption, campaign moles, and an apparent plot to remove an elected president through undemocratic (and likely extra-constitutional) means.

These revelations are unique in that they have become highly public and involve a sitting president. However, an examination of the history of US intelligence agencies reveals government bureaucrats were out of control long before the 2016 presidential election.



It’s no secret that the US government sought to assassinate Fidel Castro for years. Less well known, however, was that part of their regime-change plot included a plan to blow up Miami and sinking a boat-full of innocent Cubans.

The plan, which was revealed in 2017 when the National Archives declassified 2,800 documents from the JFK era, was a collaborative effort that included the CIA, the State Department, the Department of Defense, and other federal agencies that sought to brainstorm strategies to topple Castro and sow unrest within Cuba. One of those plans included Operation Northwoods, submitted to the CIA by General Lyman Lemnitzer on behalf of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It summarized nine “pretexts” the CIA and US government could employ to justify military intervention in Cuba. One of the official CIA documents shows officials musing about staging a terror campaign (“real or simulated”) and blaming it on Cuban refugees.

“We could develop a Cuban Communist terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington,” the Operation Mongoose document says.

The terror campaign could be pointed at Cubans refugees seeking haven in the United States. We could sink a boatload of Cubans en route to Florida (real or simulated.) We could foster attempts on lives of Cuban refugees in the United States… Exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots.

Ultimately, the broader Mongoose effort failed to remove Castro from power or effectively establish an infiltration within Cuba, though the CIA did engage in several sabotage operations. Mongoose was suspended and ultimately discontinued amid the Cuban Missile Crisis.

In the summer of 2014, the CIA’s inspector general concluded that the CIA had “improperly” spied on US Senate staffers who were researching the agency’s black history of torture. As the New York Times reported:

An internal investigation by the C.I.A. has found that its officers penetrated a computer network used by the Senate Intelligence Committee in preparing its damning report on the C.I.A.’s detention and interrogation program.

And that’s not the worst part. The Times goes on to note that CIA officers didn’t just read the emails of the Senate investigators. They also sent “a criminal referral to the Justice Department based on false information.”

John Brennan, CIA director from 2013-2017, insisted during Senate hearings these were “very limited inappropriate actions” and that “the actions of the CIA were reasonable.”

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) disagreed.

“That’s not what the Inspector General [concluded],” Wyden said. “When you’re talking about spying on a committee responsible for overseeing your agency, in my view that undermines the very checks and balances that protect our democracy, and it’s unacceptable in a free society. And your compatriots in all your sister agencies agree with that.”

Brennan, who publicly lied about the episode, was not punished and even retained his security clearance until Aug. 15, 2018.

Before he had a day named in his honor and a monument on the National Mall, the government viewed Martin Luther King Jr. very much as a threat. In fact, his message of peace, love, equality, and civil disobedience had the FBI so scared that agents actually sent King and his wife a package containing a strange letter and tape recording. It contained details of the civil rights activist’s sexual indiscretions and encouraged him to kill himself.

In 1961, the FBI learned that Stanley Levison, a known “Red,” had become a close advisor to King. The following year, Bobby Kennedy approved wiretaps on Levison’s home and office, surveillance that would eventually expand. It turns out that J. Edgar Hoover stumbled on to MLK’s busy sex life while investigating King.

“Hoover found out very little about any Communist subterfuge,” wrote Yale historian Beverly Gage in the New York Times in 2014, “but he did begin to learn about King’s extramarital sex life….”

The FBI apparently had no scruples about using the information to try to bring King down. James Comey, Gage writes, used to keep a copy of the King wiretap request on his desk “as a reminder of the bureau’s capacity to do wrong.”

If you’ve never heard of Project MKUltra, you might find it hard to believe. Also known as “the CIA Mind Control Program,” the effort was launched by the agency in 1953. The program used drug experiments on humans, oftentimes on prisoners who were tested against their will or in exchange for early release. The experiments were undertaken so CIA agents could better understand how to extract information from enemies during interrogations. Here is a description from the History Channel:

MK-Ultra’s “mind control” experiments generally centered around behavior modification via electro-shock therapy, hypnosis, polygraphs, radiation, and a variety of drugs, toxins, and chemicals. These experiments relied on a range of test subjects: some who freely volunteered, some who volunteered under coercion, and some who had absolutely no idea they were involved in a sweeping defense research program. From mentally-impaired boys at a state school, to American soldiers, to “sexual psychopaths” at a state hospital, MK-Ultra’s programs often preyed on the most vulnerable members of society. The CIA considered prisoners especially good subjects, as they were willing to give consent in exchange for extra recreation time or commuted sentences.

Whitey Bulger, a former organized crime boss, wrote of his experience as an inmate test subject in MK-Ultra. “Eight convicts in a panic and paranoid state,” Bulger said of the 1957 tests at the Atlanta penitentiary where he was serving time. “Total loss of appetite. Hallucinating. The room would change shape. Hours of paranoia and feeling violent. We experienced horrible periods of living nightmares and even blood coming out of the walls. Guys turning to skeletons in front of me. I saw a camera change into the head of a dog. I felt like I was going insane.”

How was any of this legal? Well, it wasn’t, which is why the CIA understood it had to be concealed from the American public at all costs.

“Precautions must be taken not only to protect operations from exposure to enemy forces but also to conceal these activities from the American public in general,” wrote a CIA auditor. “The knowledge that the agency is engaging in unethical and illicit activities would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles.”

In the early 1990s, Dr. Frederic Whitehurst, an attorney and chemist who worked at the FBI as a Supervisory Special Agent, noticed troubling practices in the in the bureau’s Investigation Laboratory.

There were “alterations of reports, alterations of evidence, folks testifying outside their areas of expertise in courts of law,” said Whitehurst. “[Really] what was going on was human rights violations. We have a right to fair trials in this country… And that’s not what was going on at the FBI lab.”

In 1994, he blew the whistle on the “systemic forensic fraud” he witnessed. Nothing happened. So he took his case to the Department of Justice. The FBI didn’t like that. Whitehurst was eventually chased out of the Bureau, but not before winning a $1.16 million settlement.

Unfortunately, however, the wheels of justice turn slowly at the Bureau.

“It wasn’t until ten years later that Whitehurst was finally vindicated,” notes the National Whistleblower Legal Defense and Education Fund note, “when a scathing 500+ page study of the lab by the Justice Department Inspector General, Michael Bromwich, concluded major reforms were required in the lab.”

But by then, an untold number of people had been convicted with the help of tainted evidence—evidence the DOJ knew was tainted.

In 2012 the Washington Post published an extensive review of the FBI and DOJ failures to properly review the cases impacted by the FBI lab scandal, based on Whitehurst’s research.

As a result, the DOJ agreed to conduct yet another review of hair cases in collaboration with the Innocence Project and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL).

3,000 cases were identified by the government that had used microscopic hair analysis from FBI examiners.
500 have been reviewed as of March 2015.
268 included pro-prosecution testimony from FBI examiners.
257 (96 percent) contained erroneous statements from “FBI experts”.

At least 35 of these cases involved convicted criminals who received the death penalty, according to the National Whistleblower Legal Defense and Education Fund.

In the 1950s and early 1960s, the CIA admitted to operating a “bawdy house” in a San Francisco apartment where “unsuspecting citizens were lured… for the CIA’s drug experiments,” according to a local news story report documented by the agency.

“Private citizens were taken to the bordello by $100 prostitutes and drugged without their knowledge, usually with LSD,” the San Francisco Examiner reported in 1977 after the CIA admitted to the operation. Agents sat behind a two-way mirror and filmed the interactions between the drugged men and prostitutes.

Then-CIA director Stansfield Turner suggested the operation was intended to understand how drugs could potentially be used against the American people, though he called the experiments “abhorrent” and acknowledged it was “inexplicable” that the CIA would do this without the subjects’ consent. He insisted the agency had ceased the experiments 12 years prior. In a 1977 Senate testimony, CIA agents said the purpose of the experiments was to “learn about thought control and sexual behavior,” the Examiner noted.

In the wake of 9/11, the FBI has, on numerous occasions, targeted unstable and mentally ill individuals, sending informants to bait them into committing terror attacks. Before these individuals can actually carry out the attack, however, the Bureau intervenes, presenting the foiled plot to the public as a successfully thwarted attack.

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In 2011, journalist Glenn Greenwald summarized several examples of this deceitful tactic:

[T]he FBI subjected 19-year-old Somali-American Mohamed Osman Mohamud to months of encouragement, support and money and convinced him to detonate a bomb at a crowded Christmas event in Portland, Oregon, only to arrest him at the last moment and then issue a Press Release boasting of its success. In late 2009, the FBI persuaded and enabled Hosam Maher Husein Smadi, a 19-year old Jordanian citizen, to place a fake bomb at a Dallas skyscraper and separately convinced Farooque Ahmed, a 34-year-old naturalized American citizen born in Pakistan, to bomb the Washington Metro.

From the agency’s earliest days, it has attempted to control the flow of information to the public. In his book Legacy of Ashes: A History of the CIA, former New York Times journalist Tim Weiner documented how much influence the agency’s first civilian director, Allen Dulles, had among major media companies:

Dulles kept in close touch with the men who ran The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the nation’s leading weekly magazines. He could pick up the phone and edit a breaking story, make sure an irritating foreign correspondent was yanked from the field, or hire the services of men such as Time’s Berlin bureau chief and Newsweek’s man in Tokyo.

Weiner noted, “It was second nature for Dulles to plant stories in the press. American newsrooms were dominated by veterans of the government’s wartime propaganda branch, the Office of War Information.” During his time at the agency, Dulles “built a public-relations and propaganda machine that came to include more than fifty news organizations, a dozen publishing houses, and personal pledges of support from men such as Axel Springer, West Germany’s most powerful press baron.”

In 1977, Carl Bernstein further exposed the CIA’s efforts to influence news organization in an article for Rolling Stone in which he revealed that “more than 400 American journalists…in the past twenty‑five years have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency, according to documents on file at CIA headquarters.”

Amid the media and political establishment’s ongoing, frenzied coverage of Russiagate, Americans are eager to pin guilt on the president have shown a willingness to trust the CIA and FBI without question despite numerous past and present reasons to be skeptical of their conclusions. Considering the CIA’s long history of intervening in other countries’ elections and governments, it is particularly ironic that their claims of Russia’s meddling in the US’ democracy are taken at face value.

Nor is the corruption and deceit limited to the FBI and CIA. Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper lied to lawmakers and the public in 2013 when he claimed NSA did not collect any type of data on “millions or hundreds of millions of Americans.” He was caught red-handed months later when whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed the extent of the agency’s mass surveillance operations.

The survival of liberty depends on skepticism of government power—and make no mistake, that includes President Trump. But in light of these federal agencies’ chronic tendency to engage in behavior wholly inconsistent with American values, the same distrust must be applied to the institutions that claim to shed light on abuses by unpopular leaders.

Jonathan Miltimore is the Managing Editor of His writing/reporting has appeared in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, and the Washington Times. 

Reach him at [email protected]


Carey Wedler is a video blogger and Senior Editor for Anti-Media.

This article was sourced from


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By Truthstream Media

Melissa and Aaron Dykes cover the latest ridiculousness from the propaganda matrix.

A new “study” claims to have found a correlation between free thinking conspiracy theories and criminal and/or unethical behavior. Are you a birther, 9/11 denier, think the moon landing was faked? These are just some of the ideas that can hint at your potential threat to society … apparently.





Aaron & Melissa Dykes are the founders of, Subscribe to them on YouTube, like on Facebook, follow on Twitter, support on Patreon.

Watch their mini-documentary Obsolete here and their full-length documentary THE MINDS OF MEN here.




By Tyler Durden

(ZH) — French soldiers embedded with Paris police will be allowed to ‘open fire’ if lives are threatened by Yellow Vest rioters this weekend, reports the Daily Mail, citing the military governor of Paris.

“They are perfectly capable of appreciating the nature of the threat and answering it in a proportionate manner,” said General Bruno Leray in a Friday interview with Franceinfo Radio. “If their life or that of the people they defend is threatened, they can go up to opening fire.

As we reported Wednesday, French authorities announced the deployment of counter-terror troops from Opération Sentinelle to focus on Yellow Vest related threats following the worsening protest situation of the past weekend (after a brief lull at the end of President Macron’s failed ‘great debate’ initiative which pushed town halls to air grievances), which nearly turned deadly for random civilians caught in the mayhem of rioters clashing with police.

It has now been confirmed that the French Army will support some 5,000 police trying to keep order during the 19th Yellow Vest Saturday demonstration in a row in Paris at the weekend.

General Leray told Franceinfo Radio on Friday: ‘If their life or that of the people they defend is threatened, they can go up to opening fire.’ –Daily Mail

Opération Sentinelle began after the January 2015 Île-de-France attacks (the series of al-Qaeda linked terrorist acts that began with the Charlie Hebdo shooting) and resulted in some 10,000 soldiers and 4,700 police and gendarmes deployed at sensitive sites and public buildings across the country.

After a weekly cabinet meeting on Wednesday, government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux pointed to the “new forms of violence” Saturday which he said justifies deploying the counter-terror forces.

“After seeing the new forms of violence Saturday, emergency measures will be taken to reinforce the reaction of the security forces,” Griveaux said. He added this is to include “the reinforced mobilization of Sentinelle to protect official building and other fixed positions in the capital.”

“Individuals have decided to attack democracy and its symbols,” Griveaux said further.

Tyler Durden / Republished with permission / Zero Hedge / Report a typo




By Jason Ditz

(ANTIWAR.COM) — In a 23-8 vote, the UN Human Rights Council voted Friday to endorse a report on Israel’s treatment protests along the Gaza Strip, which determined that the government’s actions amounted to war crimes against civilians in Gaza.

The report itself was published in late February, and found that Israel intentionally shot both children and journalists in the Gaza Strip during those protests. They noted that 154 out of 183 people killed at the time had been unarmed.



Israeli officials insisted at the time the report came out that the killings amounted to the “right of self-defense and the obligation to defend its citizens and borders.” Israeli officials now say the only supporters of the resolution are dictatorships and “hypocrites.”

Other UNHRC resolutions, also opposed as “absurd” by Israel, included an endorsement of the right of Palestinian self-determination, and criticism of Israeli abuses in the occupied territories, and one on the illegality of Israeli settlements.

By Jason Ditz / Republished with permission / ANTIWAR.COM / Report a typo




By Catherine J. Frompovich

“There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact will have their own liberties taken away from them, but rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.  And this seems to be the final revolution.” — Aldous Huxley (1961)

[CJF emphasis]

What is Predictive Programming?

David Icke, who republishes my articles on his website, explains Predictive Programming as a method of changing people’s thinking, etc. using TV, movies, etc. [entertainment games?], which has been in existence, and used, for quite some time now.  Think of the space movies starting in the 1950s and ‘60s, which I loved going to see on the big screen.

I must admit, however, I think Mr. Icke has been onto – and publicizing – the apparent New World Order (NWO) and United Nations (less than candid) agendas for more than 20 years.  During Icke’s early years, he was regarded as a “conspiracy theorist,” a nickname the media and others gave him, which has become nothing short of an example of the biblical text stating “Truly I say to you, no prophet is welcome in his hometown.” King James Bible



However, Icke does not consider, nor call, himself a “prophet.”  I’d say he can be defined as someone who has the ability to think out of the box; follow a line of linear thinking into not only the abstract, but to quantum realities existing within our Universe; and he possess the courage to speak his convictions.

Having said the above, recently I came across one of David’s discussions regarding culling the population, a topic for discussion most folks don’t want to hear about.  Nevertheless, there are numerous current-day indicators of such an agenda [called eugenics] being implemented at every level of society and probably by special black ops, which possibly include weather geoengineering, disrupting the Planet’s hydrologic cycle, messing with the Jet Stream (ever hear of Polar Vortex before 2 years ago?), HAARP and causing mass destruction as if it were – and is being blamed upon – Mother Nature!

Drought, Fires, Deluge: The New World Order22:09 minutes

The recent  late winter March 2019 weather pattern Explosive Cyclogenesis, which has been referred to as a weather bomb or meteorological bomb, ought to give pause to the entire “climate change” Hegelian Dialectic-like phenomenon, in my opinion.  That recent weather bomb, which devastated most of the U.S. midsection “bread basket” and farming communities, just may prevent spring planting; reduce cattle/meat production; enhance food shortages or create famine; force independent farmers into foreclosure so BIG business can swoop in and devour what healthful farming practices may have been around.  Let’s not forget the horrendous loss of lives, property and infrastructure damage, plus how such events impact the insurance industry and U.S. GDP.

The video below is worth your time watching, I think, because David delineates the NWO-technology-based kit-n-caboodle in a manner you may never have considered before.  For some, it may be the wake-up call they needed to experience regarding much that is based in technology with how it’s being used to enslave the global population.

Culling the Population
14:20 minutes

Avoiding The Eye - Ships Free Today!

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

Catherine’s NEW book: Eat To Beat Disease, Foods Medicinal Qualities ©2016 Catherine J Frompovich is now available


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By B.N. Frank

If you weren’t aware, documentaries have already been released about kids being harmed by excessive screen use and exposure.  Action has also already been taken overseas to restrict and/or ban Smart Phone use in schools.  Now California elected officials have proposed to do the same with Assembly Bill 272

From CBS13 Sacramento:

The bill’s author, Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi (D- Torrance), said, “Cell phones can be a distraction in the classroom, and there are social and emotional consequences to too much use. According to studies, kids who are heavy users of social media are showing signs of depression and other mental health problems in greater numbers. Studies have also shown that restricting cell phone use improves pupil performance.”


A psychology professor at San Diego State University found in 2017: “8th grade pupils who spend 10 or more hours per week on social media are 56% more likely to describe themselves as unhappy than those who devote less time to social media. Moreover, teenagers who spend three hours per day or more on electronic devices are 35% more likely to demonstrate risk factors for suicide, such as suicidal ideation; and, teenagers who spend five or more hours per day on their devices are 71% more likely to demonstrate a risk factor for suicide.”


The London School of Economics and Political Science found student test scores improved significantly at schools that had smartphone bans, specifically among disadvantaged and underachieving students.

France banned smartphones at all primary and middle schools at the start of the school year.

AB 272 goes before the Assembly Education Committee in April.



There is no “safe” level of cell phone radiation exposure that has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women. 

For several years now, many sources have reported about Silicon Valley parents (aka tech inventors) restricting their own kids’ use of screens as well as sending them to private low-tech schools.  More recently these parents have been going to extreme measures to shield their children – including making their nannies sign “no-screens” contracts and spying on them.

Considering all the ways we know that smartphones phones (and other screens) are harmful to kids (and everyone else), hopefully more American parents will take action to protect their children – at least while they are in school.  It’s not like kids can’t be provided with flip phones for emergency purposes.

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