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By Truthstream Media

Activist Post Editor’s Note: The lack of compassion displayed by the government toward the homeless is already on the rise. But it goes beyond government, and has sadly begun permeating throughout society. Now it appears that the anti-human agenda will have a new way to eradicate all interaction while dealing with anyone struggling to survive – sweep them away with robots!

And “lovely” San Francisco is ground zero, where a robot with animals painted on it patrols outside the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals … to get the homeless humans off the street.

Melissa Dykes looks at what human beings who have fallen on hard times due to a variety of circumstances (including the negative actions of government itself) have to look forward to in our “post-modern world” of diminishing humanity.



Aaron & Melissa Dykes are the founders of, Subscribe to them on YouTube, like on Facebook, follow on Twitter, support on Patreon.

Watch their mini-documentary Obsolete here.





By Aaron Kesel

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has declared the number of journalists imprisoned worldwide has hit a new record at a total of 262 journalists behind bars around the world. Unsurprisingly, out of those being held, just under three-quarters are being accused of anti-government activities, many of which were arrested under “broad and vague terror laws” in their respective countries.

The group stated these arrests reflect the overall climate of the situation in what they called a “dismal failure by the international community to address a global crisis in freedom of the press.”

With an astronomical 51 percent or 134 of the total arrested being in just three countries – China, Egypt and Turkey.


In the annual survey, the CPJ further found that out of those journalists jailed in government custody on December 1st, 73 journalists were imprisoned in regards to their work within Turkey with the Turkish regime remaining the worst jailer of journalists by far for 2 years straight. After Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan cracked down on journalism over the past summer arresting and charging more than 100 journalists he accused of being a part of the 2016 Turkish coup attempt and with various other crimes.

Forty eight of the news writers arrested in Turkey recently faced trials appearing in October as part of the country’s ongoing media crackdown, according to press freedom advocates Reporters Without Borders.

One hundred ninety four journalists, or 74 percent, are imprisoned on anti-state charges according to the CPJ.

Subsequently, the numbers also rose to a record of 21 for those that were imprisoned accused of fabricating the news.

The evaluation did not include journalists who were imprisoned and released throughout the year or those who have disappeared or are held captive by non-state groups such as ISIS.

The release also mentions that the United States and other Western powers failed to pressure the three countries’ leaderships into improving the “bleak climate” for press freedom that has transpired under the era of Trump and his coined phrase “fake news.”

Repression of the press in authoritarian, US-allied states was in large part sanctioned by U.S. President Donald Trump’s own “nationalistic rhetoric, fixation on Islamic extremism, and insistence on labeling critical media ‘fake news,’ according to the watchdog which noted Trump has done nothing to address the human rights violations.

“Far from isolating repressive countries for their authoritarian behavior, the United States, in particular, has cozied up to strongmen such as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Chinese President Xi Jinping,” the group says.

In China, the number of journalists behind bars rose to 41 from 38 a year earlier. By comparison, Egypt’s number in jail fell to 20 from 25 last year.

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The top jailers of journalists also include Azerbaijan, where 10 of them were found behind bars.

There were five journalists incarcerated in both Iran and Russia, four in Uzbekistan, and two in both Kazakhstan and Pakistan. While the CPJ census shows that there is one imprisoned journalists in Ukraine, Turkmenistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Other countries include – Algeria, Bahrain, Cambodia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ecuador, Gambia, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Iraq, India, Morocco, Niger, Republic of Congo, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Uganda, Eritrea , Syria, Vietnam and Yemen.

Globally, nearly three-quarters of journalists are jailed on anti-state charges, many under “broad and vague terror laws,” the media watchdog said.

Meanwhile, 35 journalists worldwide were jailed without any publicly disclosed charge for why they are incarcerated; a worrying trend to stifle and silence dangerous free speech and critical investigations into government wrongdoing.

This number is an increase from last year’s historic high of 259 imprisoned journalists.

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Huffington Post General Discussion / Bill Lost His Memory
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By JoyCamp

Benny Wills of The Joy Camp performs his poem “Bill Lost His Memory”.



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By Charles Hugh Smith

All of which brings us to the “crazy” idea of backing fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies, an idea I first floated back in 2013, long before the current crypto-craze emerged.

Exhibit One: here’s your typical central bank, creating trillions of units of currency every year, backed by nothing but trust in the authority of the government, created at the whim of a handful of people in a room and distributed to their cronies, or at the behest of their cronies.

And this is a “trustworthy” currency?

Exhibit Two: central banks can’t become insolvent, we’re told, because they can create as much currency as they want, whenever they want. And this is a “trustworthy” currency?



Exhibit three: and here’s what happens when trust in the currency is lost due to excessive currency issuance: the currency goes from 10 to the US dollar to 5,000 to $1 and then to 95,000 to $1, on its way to 2,000,000 to $1:

Yes, this was once a “trustworthy” currency.

While many people expect China to issue a gold-backed currency some day, they overlook the inconvenient reality that China is creating far more fiat currency than it is adding in gold reserves. They also overlook that gold-backed means nothing if the currency isn’t convertible into gold.

If it isn’t convertible, it isn’t gold-backed. Claiming there’s gold somewhere in a vault doesn’t make a currency gold-backed, as the central bank can devalue the currency it issues at will. Gold-backed means the currency is pegged at X units of currency to 1 unit of gold, and X units of currency can be exchanged for 1 unit of gold.

All of which brings us to the “crazy” idea of backing fiat currencies with cryptocurrencies, an idea I first floated back in 2013, long before the current crypto-craze emerged: Could Bitcoin (or equivalent) Become a Global Reserve Currency? (November 7, 2013)

Since there is no real-world commodity backing the digital currency, its value must be based on scarcity and its ubiquity as money. The two ideas are self-reinforcing: there must be demand for the digital money to create scarcity, and the source of demand is the digital currency’s acceptance as money that can be used to buy commodities, goods, services and (the ultimate test) gold.

Speaking of gold, correspondent Liberty Philosopher recently posed a scenario that was new to me: if gold continues losing value, could central banks dump their gold in favor of cryptocurrencies?

Yes, I realize this is anathema to those who anticipate a gold-backed currency becoming the dominant form of centrally issued currency, but the idea of governments that have debauched their currencies building reserves of decentralized and limited-in-issuance cryptocurrencies may not be as farfetched as you might imagine.

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Here is Liberty Philosopher’s commentary:

My understanding is that gold is kind of a reserve asset held by governments that provides the ultimate assurance that they are able to pay their debts. If the value of the assets they hold, which are a guarantee of their ability to pay, begins to erode, and the erosion in value is not a temporary or passing phenomenon, but a continuous and long-term trend, this would imply that the ability of governments to ultimately pay their debts would be eroding. If the value of gold begins to decline, governments who have gold reserves, but whose ability to pay their debts may be somewhat in question, would come under pressure to fortify their reserves as proof that they remained able to pay their debts.

If the price of gold were to continue to decline, my thought is that governments would be under pressure to sell the reserve asset that was declining in value, because the continuing decline in value would call into question their ability to repay their debts. They couldn’t just sit there and allow their reserves to decline in value year after year. They would have to act. If the need for having some kind of “hard” currency reserve remains (creditors may not want to accept newly printed bank notes in lieu of “hard” reserves), and they are forced to begin selling their gold reserves, what other hard reserve asset could they obtain or purchase? I think they could become purchasers of the most valuable cryptocurrencies as a replacement for their gold reserves.

The ideal reserve gains in purchasing power over time. If Venezuela had purchased bitcoin in size when it was $100, or even $1,000 in January 2017, its own currency wouldn’t be heading to near-zero quite so quickly.

In my book A Radically Beneficial World, I proposed that nations which had debauched their centrally issued fiat currency could acquire the labor-backed currency I propose as reserves.

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The acquisition of decentralized cryptocurrencies as reserves may sound crazy now, but as central banks destroy the purchasing power of their fiat currencies, all sorts of ideas that seem crazy now will start looking practical once the death spiral of the current unstable monetary regime begins.

I’m offering my new book Money and Work Unchained at a 10% discount ($8.95 for the Kindle ebook and $18 for the print edition) through December, after which the price goes up to retail ($9.95 and $20).

Read the first section for free in PDF format.

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You can read more from Charles Hugh Smith at his blog Of Two Minds, where this article first appeared.

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By Aaron Kesel

Corporate pesticide maker Monsanto which has faced several recent lawsuits against its products is paying farmers to use its controversial weedkiller XtendiMax with VaporGrip, a herbicide based on a chemical known as dicamba, Yahoo News reported.

The incentive to use XtendiMax aims to refund farmers over half the sticker price of the product in 2018 if they spray it on soybeans that Monsanto engineered to resist it, according to company data.

“We believe cash-back incentives for using XtendiMax with VaporGrip Technology better enable growers to use a management system that represents the next level of weed control,” said Ryan Rubischko, Monsanto product manager.

Monsanto faces bans and restrictions of its pesticides in several states due to damaged crops from its product which affected 3.1 million acres in nearly two dozen states, according to Reuters.

Reuters reported:

XtendiMax costs about $11 per acre to buy, and Monsanto is offering an extra $6 per acre in cash back to farmers when they apply it on Xtend soybeans, rather than using another seed-and-chemical combination to control weeds.

The rebate means farmers can receive up to $11.50 per acre in cash back next year when they use XtendiMax along with other approved chemicals, such as one called Intact that aims to prevent drift and costs $2.40 per acre, according to Monsanto.

Monsanto launched a program offering incentives to use multiple herbicides in 2010, according to Reuters.



On Monday of this week, Missouri stated it would ban spraying of XtendiMax in 10 counties after June 1, 2018, and statewide after July 15, 2018, STLPublicRadio reported.

Earlier last month, North Dakota said it planned to prohibit the use of dicamba herbicide formulations – XtendiMax, Engenia, and FeXapan after June 30th, 2018 or after the first bloom (R1 growth phase), whichever comes first, restricting the products’ use.

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture press release also noted that no applications may be made if air temperature of the field at the time exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The announcement added that applicators must maintain a speed of 12 miles per hour or less when applying products, and they can only apply the chemicals one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset.

Additionally, last month Monsanto stopped the launch of a new chemical product in its line called NemaStrike designed to be applied to crop seeds to protect them from worms and other bugs after reports indicated that it caused strange rashes on people who came into contact with the chemical.

The EPA last year approved the use of a new version of Monsanto’s weed killer using dicamba on crops during last summer.

That product is also under fire by farmers for causing widespread damage to their crops that are not GMOs designed to resist the chemical. Dicamba was even banned in Arkansas by the Plant Board which Monsanto disputed and sued the group for acting outside its authority in prohibiting its herbicide’s use and failing to consider research Monsanto had submitted to federal regulators.

Dicamba is considered more toxic than glyphosate, but less toxic than 2,4-D, the third most common broadleaf herbicide. (Monsanto is working on crops that are resistant to 2,4-D, as well.) Yet, when used properly, dicamba is considered only mildly toxic to people, pollinators, wildlife, and aquatic organisms. There is no scientific consensus on whether it has cancer-causing properties, though the EPA says “Dicamba is not likely to be a human carcinogen.”

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The difference between Roundup and Dicamba is that the latter is more volatile and can easily become airborne and drift from where it was sprayed.

Glyphosate was also listed as a carcinogen on California EPA’s Prop 65 list in July of 2017, while a study published in January of 2017 proved that chronic consumption of low levels of Roundup (which contains glyphosate) caused fatty liver disease in animals.

The chemical was also deemed a “probable human carcinogen” by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer in March 2015, and has been recently found in five different brands of orange juice including top brands like Tropicana, Natural Blaze reported.

Monsanto is facing multiple pronged attacks against its dangerous products, finally being exposed for their cancer-causing elements in their chemicals and other health hazards in not one, not two, but three different commodities.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has mandated special training for dicamba users for 2018, requiring farmers to keep records proving they were complying with label instructions.

Aaron Kesel writes for Activist Post. Support us at Patreon. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Steemit, and BitChute. Ready for solutions? Subscribe to our premium newsletter Counter Markets.





By Aaron Kesel

This is the fourth part of an investigative series concerning the troubling matter of Wall Street crimes protected by federal agents switching sides to protect their secret buddies’ “bizness” schemes by conflict of interests and “revolving doors.”

In this segment, we’ll look into apparent acts of federal agents’ incompetence, willful blindness and observable acts of clear duplicity.

Today we will be looking at what are known as Deferred Prosecution Agreements. (“Defers”) aren’t even slaps on the wrists, because those fines are paid by the stockholders and not Wall Street executives who should be convicted.

An even more alarming fact is that the more this reporter digs and talks to the eToys federal case whistleblower Laser Haas, the more cases that show numerous occasions where federal agents are turning up directly connected to this revolving door; some even have payoffs involved to exiting prosecutors under the guise of Deferred Prosecution Agreements.

A good majority of the population, not so long ago, had another phrase coined for federal agents getting millions of dollars to forego prosecutions! But it seems today that the rule of law has been forgotten.

Back in 2001, with smoking guns unearthed in 2004, several Wall Street crimes were brought to the attention of federal agents and agencies alike, such as the SEC, DOJ, FBI and United States Trustee program, in Delaware, by the eToys federal case whistleblower.



Betrayer of Public Trust Colm Connolly

Unbeknownst to the eToys whistleblower at the time, the Delaware United States Attorney, Colm Connolly, had been a partner of the very MNAT law firm that Laser Haas sought to be indicted for a plethora of alleged crimes.

This single case of Colm Connolly & MNAT is corroborative proof that the “revolving door” paradigm needs to be addressed by Congress. But this isn’t the only instance of revolving doors you will hear about in this series.

As noted by his résumé (archived), Connolly was a clerk for a 3rd Circuit Justice who was, coincidentally, a partner of MNAT.

Connolly became an Assistant United States Attorney, Delaware, in 1992, after clerking for an MNAT partner; and Colm remained a federal prosecutor until 1999. As this reporter noted, in previous articles, Colm’s next step into the “revolving doors” was his partnership, from 1999, thru August 2, 2001, with MNAT; which is mired in controversy, concerning billions of dollars in losses to Mattel and eToys investors & creditors as previously reported.

Visibly, for those closely following the series, this is an important era (retroactively speaking), as it is the exact period when the eToys, KB Toys, Stage Stores, Fingerhut and ‘ The Learning Company’/Mattel fraud cases were ensuing.

All during this same time, MNAT was assisting Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, and Paul Traub’s schemes, whilst Paul Traub was “controlling” the infamous Tom Petters Ponzi scam. (See the first 4 pages of this Petters Ponzi Complaint against Traub – here.)

As a result of the whistleblower’s Smoking Guns, Paul Traub and the MNAT law firm were caught – red-handed – and sanctioned (by paltry slap on the wrist – cost of doing “bizness” – fines). Chief Justice Mary F Walrath “MFW” who was presiding over the eToys’ cases, flatly refused to refer the matter to the United States Attorney’s office. (See page 52 of MFW’s Published eToys case opinion – here.) (archived)

The problem appears to be that everyone but the whistleblower knew the “fix was in” with Colm Connolly.

As noted previously by this reporter, Rolling Stone‘s “Greed and Debt” article (which, by the way, failed to give credit where it was due according to the whistleblower) pointed out an interesting fact: that sometime prior to 2004 – after Bain Capital appeared to have fleeced eToys federal estate assets, deceitfully – the KB CEO, Michael Glazer, paid himself $18 million and Bain Capital $83 million.

Coincidentally, the MNAT law firm represented Bain Capital of the $83 million, and Paul Traub’s firm asked to be the one to prosecute Glazer and Bain (Traub’s Traub Bonacquist & Fox [TBF] law firm concealed the fact he worked under Romney, Bain & Glazer at Stage Stores).

[RELATED: DOJ Gifts Romney’s Bain Unlimited Get Out Of Jail Free Cards]

One of the complaints of the eToys whistleblower, which has never been addressed to this very day, is that the whistleblower was offered a million dollar bribe to join Romney’s roaming manager gangs because Mitt wanted eToys as cheap as possible – but the whistleblower was a top eToys executive running the bids up by tens of millions.

This appears to be why KB’s top exec, Michael Glazer, got $18 million, illegally, to make sure Bain Capital got away with $83 million more.

Apparently, just after the eToys case, the whistleblower turned down and reported the bribe attempt; this is when Connolly returned to the Delaware Department of Justice. This time – the continuous “revolving door” of Connolly – is his becoming the top dog, as the United States Attorney on August 2nd, 2001.

Another glaring coincidence, with Colm Conolly’s 1999 to August 2001 partnership with MNAT, is the fact Mitt Romney’s 2012 POTUS Campaign claimed he was “retroactively” retired from Bain Capital, as of August 2001, back to February 11, 1999.

Would we allow Al Capone to ‘retroactively’ retire from his organized crimes?

Did N.J. U.S. Attorney Chris Christie Scheme by Deferred Prosecution Agreements?

It wasn’t until 2007 that the eToys whistleblower learned he had given the smoking gun proof of MNAT & Traub’s racketeering to a federal prosecutor (Colm Connolly) who was an undisclosed partner of MNAT.

Upon realization by the whistleblower, he was providing proof of racketeering to a ‘revolving door’ conflicted federal prosecutor. The whistleblower traveled across the country to Los Angeles United States Attorney, Debra Yang, who was in charge of then-President George W. Bush’s Corporate Fraud Task Force.

Los Angeles is where Laser Haas ran  federal estate, from eToys corporate headquarters on Olympic Avenue.

Congress was already made abundantly aware of the mass corporate frauds of WorldCom and Enron. Also, the lawmakers were keenly conscious that bankruptcy, insider attorneys (like Paul Traub and MNAT) would carve up estates, for themselves, at the direct detriment of their clients.

This backstabbing of court-approved clients for the sake of more lucrative secret ones (in this case Romney, Bain Capital, Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs), is not only many violations of RICO; it also violates the number one fiduciary duty of attorneys at law – oath to the BAR – of a client’s interest being first & foremost.

Colm Connolly and others in the Justice Department, along with MNAT law firm and Paul Traub, constantly got away with habitual backstabbing of clients they swear under oath to protect.

These organized criminal efforts defined as RICO crimes are named by Congress to be a “Bankruptcy Ring” (see Third Circuit case in Arkansas – here.)

Even United States Attorney General, John Ashcroft, appears to have found an early Christmas gift that he and Debra Yang couldn’t resist.

Both United States Attorney Debra Yang and exited USAG John Ashcroft were gifted a $50 million dollar – NO BID – Deferred Prosecution Agreement, in 2007 by NJ U.S. Attorney, Chris Christie, making him an instant millionaire gift provider.

As reported, there were many questions about Chris Christie giving out the forgoes of federal prosecutions. The whistleblower notes them being “get out of jail free cards: with monies specious.

John Ashcroft. Christie’s former U.S. Justice Department boss made $28 million to $52 million or more in 18 months for monitoring Zimmer Holdings, one of five medical device manufacturers accused of giving kickbacks to surgeons for using their replacement hips and knees.

— David Kelley. A former U.S. attorney in Manhattan, Kelley investigated a stock fraud case involving Christie’s younger brother, Todd, but declined to prosecute him. Kelley was later picked to monitor Biomet Orthopedics Inc., another of the medical device makers.

— Bristol-Myers Squibb. A $300 million fraud settlement Christie negotiated with the New York company included a provision that Bristol-Myers endow a professorship at Seton Hall Law School, his alma mater. The U.S. Justice Department subsequently issued guidelines barring such requirements as part of out-of-court corporate crime settlements.

To pour gasoline on the obvious fires, beyond the Deferred agreements and Congressional notes of “Bankruptcy Rings” of conflicted counsels, is the 2007 public hearing reports that contain alarming quotes by former USAG John Ashcroft concerning “corrupt federal judges in collusion with high-ranking members of the United States Trustee program” (where the U.S. Trustees are the police of the bankruptcy courts).

Former USAG John Ashcroft, is credited with writing the following:

Bankruptcy court corruption is not just a matter of bankruptcy trustees in collusion with corrupt bankruptcy judges.     The corruption is supported, and justice hindered by high ranking officials in the United States  Trustee  Program.   The corruption has advanced to punishing any and all who mention the criminal acts of trustees and organized crime operating through the United  States  Bankruptcy  Courts. As though greed is not enough, the trustees, in collusion with others,  intentionally go forth to destroy lives.  Exemptions provided by law are denied, debtors. Cases are intentionally and unreasonably kept open for years.   Parties in cases are sanctioned to discourage them from pursuing justice.   Contempt of court powers are misused to coerce litigants into agreeing with extortion demands. This does not ensure integrity and restores public confidence.

The conclusion of Ashcroft’s statement sums up the dilemma of the eToys whistleblower.

Specifically, former USAG John Ashcroft wrote:

The American public, victimized and held hostage by bankruptcy court corruption, have nowhere to turn.

It is an alarming statement for the nation’s top dog law enforcer to say that the “American public is victimized and held hostage by bankruptcy court corruption.”

In the “revolving door” era of quid pro quo, the public is entitled to know if US Attorney Chris Christie’s $50 million dollar gift to his former top federal prosecutor boss was the type of “bizness” that launched Christie’s political career, where he became Governor.

Many federal agents and reporters accused the eToys whistleblower of fabricating; because, since 2007, the remarks made by Ashcroft were redacted, entirely, from the Web.

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That is, until now!

Vindication has finally come for Laser Haas now that the United States Administrator of Federal Courts has posted John Ashcroft’s remarks on its website, this year, after the statement couldn’t be found for 9 years. (See US Courts.Gov website link – here.) The website notes that the remarks were part of the hearing testimony of Francis C. P.  Knize. (archived)

The declaration was made during a public comment on “RULES GOVERNING JUDICIAL CONDUCT AND DISABILITY PROCEEDINGS UNDERTAKEN PURSUANT  TO  28  U.S.C. §§  351-364  Presented  Pursuant  [FR  Doc.  E7-14268  Filed  7-20-07;  8:45  am] BILLING  CODE  2210-55-P DEPARTMENT  OF JUSTICE United States Parole Commission Public Announcement, Pursuant to the Government in the Sunshine Act  (Pub.  L.  94-409)  [5 U.S.C. Section 552b.].”

Public Corruption Task Force – SHUT DOWN

Armed with this glaring USAG condemnation of bankruptcy system corruption, and the newly discovered smoking gun of Colm Connolly’s résumé, aided by a former bankruptcy task force party’s clerk, the eToys case whistleblower filed an 18 U.S.C. § 3057(a) Complaint with the Los Angeles United States Attorney’s office, where the Public Corruption Task Force is housed.

Unfortunately, instead of doing the task at hand – to address and arrest Colm Connolly for betrayals of the public’s trust – a few weeks later the Public Corruption Task Force was shut down, as the Los Angeles Times reported in its story “Shake-up roils federal prosecutors.” The article states:

Eliminating the public integrity and environmental crimes section, spokesman Thom Mrozek said, would actually enhance the effort to prosecute such cases.

They said O’Brien also threatened to tarnish their reputations if they challenged the official explanation for the unit’s dismantling in conversations with reporters. Members of the unit contacted by The Times either spoke on the condition that they not be named or declined to comment. Several said they wanted to talk about the situation but feared reprisals if they did so.

Making the degree of reprehensibility go far beyond the shocking of one’s conscience, not only did they dismantle the Task Force, the DOJ stipulated that the Public Corruption Task Force was dismantled because there were no public corruption cases to prosecute.

The powers-that-be also threatened career federal prosecutors to keep their mouths shut.

As if all the above isn’t enough to blow your mind, it gets far worse.

In future articles of this series, we’ll detail the fact that many national fraud schemes are all connected; and how hundreds of felonies go unpunished.

These cases don’t get investigated, much less prosecuted! Americans have the right to know how it is that the “revolving door” dynamics are becoming systemic and incestuous in the corrupting of our federal systems of justice. Obviously, the incompetence, willful blindness and “revolving door” acts, visibly duplicitous, would greatly embarrass the Department of Justice agents/agencies – and the federal courts.

Unfortunately, these particular “revolving door” dynamics have directly contributed to the bigger scandals of Bernie Madoff, Petters Ponzi, Jack Abramoff partners threatening eToys shareholders with assassination, and 100 other racketeering “predicate acts” benefiting Goldman Sachs partnership with Bain Capital – all going on flagrantly and blatantly because the “revolving doors” guarantee great retirement benefits, like Deferred Prosecution Agreements, in the many millions of dollars.

Capone is turning over in his grave at how easy corruption is today!

Aaron Kesel writes for Activist Post. Support us at Patreon. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Steemit, and BitChute. Ready for solutions? Subscribe to our premium newsletter Counter Markets.

Image credit: Star Tribune





By Scott Lazarowitz

Another terrorist bombing, an “amateurish” pipe bombing/attempted suicide bombing, in New York City on Monday morning, in which no deaths occurred but three were injured as well as the suspect.

So, will this latest Islamic extremist turn out to be yet another FBI patsy? The FBI finds some mentally deficient young Muslim male, radicalizes him and motivates him to want to commit jihad, provides him with weapons and materials and then sets him up in the FBI’s own concocted entrapment scheme. (See Glenn Greenwald and Trevor Aaronson on this. And Matt Agorist’s essay on recordings that reveal FBI urging a Muslim patsy to carry out a mass shooting to “defend Islam.”)

Or perhaps the latest NYC bomber’s being influenced by ISIS propaganda on the Internet will be used as a new excuse for the control freaks in Washington to impose further intrusions and spying on the Internet? Who knows?

But once again, this week’s New York City terrorist bomber has said just about the same thing that most of the past terrorists have said. According to the New York Post:

Akayed Ullah, 27, who is from Bangladesh and was living in Brooklyn, told authorities he was trying to exact vengeance for decades of violence against Muslims in Gaza, Syria and Iraq, saying in sum and substance from his hospital bed: “They’ve been bombing [my people] and I wanted to do damage here,” sources said.

The truth is, most of the terrorists have been on record stating that their motivation for violence is retaliatory.



As Sheldon Richman pointed out in 2011,

The Pentagon’s own Defense Science Board Task Force came to this conclusion in 2004 when Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld asked it to evaluate the Bush administration’s war policies. The report is worth quoting at length:

“American efforts have not only failed [to separate the vast majority of nonviolent Muslims from the radical-militant Islamist-Jihadists]: they may also have achieved the opposite of what they intended.

“American direct intervention in the Muslim World has paradoxically elevated the stature of and support for radical Islamists, while diminishing support for the United States to single-digits in some Arab societies.

“Muslims do not ‘hate our freedom,’ but rather, they hate our policies. The overwhelming majority voice their objections to what they see as one-sided support in favor of Israel and against Palestinian rights, and the longstanding, even increasing support for what Muslims collectively see as tyrannies, most notably Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Pakistan, and the Gulf states….

“[Since 9/11] American actions and the flow of events have elevated the authority of the Jihadi insurgents and tended to ratify their legitimacy among Muslims….”

Richard Reid, the would-be shoe-bomber, told his sentencing judge, “Your government has killed two million children in Iraq…. Your government has sponsored the rape and torture of Muslims in the prisons of Egypt and Turkey and Syria and Jordan with their money and with their weapons.”

Glenn Greenwald wrote further in 2016:

Beyond such studies, those who have sought to bring violence to Western cities have made explicitly clear that they were doing so out of fury and a sense of helplessness over Western violence that continuously kills innocent Muslims. “The drone hits in Afghanistan and Iraq, they don’t see children, they don’t see anybody. They kill women, children, they kill everybody,” Faisal Shahzad, the attempted Times Square bomber, told his sentencing judge when she expressed bafflement over how he could try to kill innocent people. And then there’s just common sense about human nature: If you spend years bombing, invading, occupying, and imposing tyranny on other people, some of them will want to bring violence back to you.

In July 2016 Greenwald also discussed another previous terrorist attack:

Eleven years ago today, three suicide bombers attacked the London subway and a bus and killed 51 people. Almost immediately, it was obvious that retaliation for Britain’s invasion and destruction of Iraq was a major motive for the attackers.

Two of them said exactly that in videotapes they left behind: The attacks “will continue and pick up strengths till you pull your soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq. … Until we feel security, you will be targets.” Then, less than a year later, a secret report from British military and intelligence chiefs concluded that “the war in Iraq contributed to the radicalization of the July 7 London bombers and is likely to continue to provoke extremism among British Muslims.” The secret report, leaked to The Observer, added: “Iraq is likely to be an important motivating factor for some time to come in the radicalization of British Muslims and for those extremists who view attacks against the U.K. as legitimate.”

And as I wrote in July 2016, regarding attacks in France:

The blogosphere and twitterverse are exploding with reactions to the latest terror attack in France, the truck that drove through a big crowd of people attending Bastille Day festivities and killed 84 people and injured many more … It looks like such a “state of emergency” not only didn’t stop the November 2015 Paris stadium and concert hall attacks that killed 130 and injured many others, but it didn’t stop this new truck-driving attack … the November Paris attacks were in retaliation against France’s military bombings in Syria and Iraq.

The U.S. government and other Western governments’ own terror attacks on the Muslim world continue to this day.

See U.S. airstrike kills family of eight, U.S. drone strike kills three civilians and four “suspects,” US admits Syria airstrike that killed 46 but denies targeting mosque, Panic spreads in Iraq, Syria as record numbers of civilians are reported killed in U.S. strikes, U.S. airstrikes kill at least 43 civilians in Syria’s Raqqa, U.S. military airstrikes kill many more civilians in just 48 hours, and U.S. military battles Syrian rebels armed by CIA.

Western government violence and drones target weddings, funerals, rescuers, and civilian hospitals.

RFID Scan Blockers - Available for Free

So how do the warmongers in Washington think their victims in other countries will react to their government violence?

Does President Donald Trump even know that most of the victims of the drone bombings that he continues to authorize are innocent civilians? (And President Barack Obama’s drone strikes killed innocent civilians 90% of the time, according to documents released by an intelligence source.) In less than two months as President, Trump’s CIA and military drone strikes had already gone up 432%.

“Will we ever learn?”

In 1991 President George H.W. Bush started a war of aggression on Iraq, bombed Iraq’s civilian water and sewage treatment centers and imposed sanctions to prevent them from rebuilding, which forced the Iraqis to have to use untreated water, which led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents. These acts of criminal aggression by the U.S. government against civilians, in addition to the U.S. military occupations in the Middle East, led to the 9/11 terrorist attacks which some people had warned would be such aggressions’ likely outcome.

Prior to all that, during the 1950s the CIA imposed a coup on Iran to replace the Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh with the U.S. puppet Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. The CIA propped up the Shah’s totalitarian police state, SAVAK, from the 1950s up to the Iranian Revolution of 1979 that included the extremists’ taking of American hostages.

Would we have such Islamic extremism coming out of Iran all these years had the CIA not committed such crimes and atrocities against that other country?

These interventionist foreign policies, of starting wars against other countries that were of no threat to us, imposing coups and regime change, propping up police states, and committing criminal invasions, occupations and bombings, inevitably cause blowback, including the most recent bombing in New York City.

But it seems that most people have been so propagandized especially since 9/11 to only look at mainly the Islamic extremism itself, but refuse to consider the natural outcomes of interventionist foreign policies, criminal wars of aggression, and U.S. government support for foreign totalitarian police states.

Scott Lazarowitz is a libertarian writer and commentator. Please visit his blog.





By Derrick Broze

On Monday a federal judge challenged the U.S. government to justify the continued imprisonment of an American citizen who has been denied access to a lawyer for over three months.

Washington D.C. – U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan has expressed skepticism and frustration over the U.S. government’s arguments for detaining an American citizen for three months. On Monday, at the latest hearing in the case of American Civil Liberties Union v. Mattis, the Justice Department argued that the court had no authority to rule on wartime detentions by U.S. military in an overseas conflict zone. Judge Chutkan seemed to lean in favor of the ACLU’s argument that the man should have access to a lawyer, which he has been denied thus far.

The ACLU is fighting to represent the American who has been accused of fighting alongside the Islamic State in Syria. The U.S military has been detaining the American citizen at a secret prison in Iraq without access to a lawyer or even releasing his name to the public. He has been labeled an “enemy combatant” by the Trump administration despite a lack of evidence to bring charges against the man.

At a November 30 hearing, the government revealed that the man asserted his constitutional rights to a lawyer. Still, the government claims they are not sure he wants to challenge his imprisonment via the courts. The issue to be decided in ACLU v. Mattis is whether or not the U.S. government can hold someone indefinitely without a court review. The U.S. government believes it can hold a suspect for a “reasonable period” before deciding whether or not to charge or release the individual. The government also claims that the ACLU cannot represent the man because they have had no contact with him and he has not made a request.

“He wants counsel, which is an assertion and a request that I don’t think I can ignore,” Judge Chutkan said Monday as reported by the Washington Times. Justice Department attorney Kathryn Wyer told the judge it was a “temporary situation” and the government is “trying to resolve this matter expeditiously.” Wyer also stated that the there was no evidence the suspect wanted representation. However, Judge Chutkan was not supportive of this claim.



“He understands enough to say ‘I want a lawyer, I’m not going to say anything until I get a lawyer, and I’m willing to wait until I get a lawyer,’” she said.

This is not the first time in three months the judge has admonished the government. On November 30 the judge also chastised the government for not being prepared and failing to provide vital information for the case.

“You’re not answering my question, and I’m not trying to be impatient but I’m growing impatient,” Chutkan said at the time. “The court feels the need for that information in order to make an adequate determination in this case. … Frankly, I’m amazed you didn’t come to this hearing with that information.”

According to the Washington Times, an anonymous senior administration official with knowledge of the case said the government is still trying to determine what to do with the man. “We don’t want to release someone who is a terrorist. We don’t want to hold someone who can’t be held,” the official told the Times. “We are trying to see if we have all the evidence collected yet.”

The crux of the case is whether or not the judge will throw out the ACLU’s habeas corpus petition on legal grounds. Habeas corpus is a recourse in law which allows an individual to report an unlawful detention or imprisonment to a court and request that the court order a determination of whether the detention is lawful. The U.S. Constitution specifically includes the habeas procedure in the Suspension Clause (Clause 2), located in Article One, Section 9. This states that “The privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.”

According to Lawfare blog, the ruling will likely look at the Supreme Court’s 2004 decision in Hamdi v. Rumsfeld. In that case, the courts found that at some “reasonable point” a detained American is constitutionally entitled to a habeas corpus petition and access to a neutral tribunal to challenge the legality of their detention. Lawfare writes:

With respect to ACLU v. Mattis, if the court eventually reaches the underlying merits, the government surely will rely on Hamdi and likely also argue that the fact that the the government is detaining the prisoner extraterritorially calls into question the full application of the Constitution to his case.

The court is expected to rule in the coming days on the matter.

As Activist Post previously reported, it is possible that this man is being held under section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the annual military budget. Many of you may remember that the NDAA 2012 contained the controversial section 1021 and 1022, provisions which allowed indefinite detention of American citizens without a right to trial if they are suspected of terrorism.

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Unfortunately this disturbing detention of an American citizen is likely already codified into law. No matter how immoral or wrong we believe it to be, the courts are controlled by the same people maneuvering the political show. Individual judges like Chutkan may attempt to push back against the tyranny. Ultimately we must recognize that these violations of liberty are not an exception, but rather part of the standard operating procedure of the State. As long as this centralized power exists we will continue to suffer.

Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter for and the founder of the Follow him on Twitter. Derrick is the author of three books: The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 1 and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 2

Derrick is available for interviews. Please contact

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Image Credit: Getty/ The Daily Beast





By Brandon Turbeville

The BBC has recently surprised everyone with a rare act of journalism, exposing the UK government for funding terrorists in Syria through a foreign aid programme that has dished out millions of pounds of taxpayer money over the years. The money has been awarded to groups like Adam Smith International which is then funneled to the extremists. At the focus of the BBC article is the fact that taxpayer money has been provided to the Free Syrian Police, a police force operated by “rebel” councils.

While ASI argues that the FSP is an unarmed security force, an abundance of evidence demonstrates to the contrary as anyone who pays even a shred of attention to the Syrian crisis would already know. FSP is heavily armed, heavily sectarian, units of terror employed by units of terrorists. They are, in reality, simply more terrorists employed to control and oppress the people of Syria. Of this there is no doubt.

As BBC reports,

The government has suspended a foreign aid project after a BBC Panorama investigation found taxpayers’ cash was being diverted to extremists in Syria.

Officers from a UK-backed police force in Syria have also been working with courts carrying out brutal sentences.

A UK government spokesman said it takes allegations of co-operation with terrorist groups “extremely seriously”.

Adam Smith International, the British company running the project, said it strongly denies the allegations.

The Free Syrian Police (FSP) was set up following the uprising in Syria, to bring law and order to parts of the country that were controlled by opposition forces.

Adam Smith International (ASI) has been running the project since October 2014.

Britain was one of six donor countries paying for the project, which provides community policing to the rebel-held areas of Aleppo, Idlib and Daraa provinces.

It is intended to be an unarmed civilian police force, and not co-operate with extremist groups, but Panorama has found examples where that was not the case. Some of Panorama’s allegations against the project include:

Police cooperating with courts that carry out summary executions – including a case where two women were stoned to death
Police being paid in cash and then being forced to hand over funds to an extremist group controlling the area
Police officers being handpicked by an extremist group
Dead and fictitious people are on the police payroll

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson announced in April that the UK would commit a further £4 million to the UK-funded Access to Justice and Community Security (AJACS) scheme that supports the FSP.



BBC continues by pointing out the connections between the money provided to FSP as well as the connections between FSP and other terrorist groups like Nour al-Din al-Zinki. The report states,

Panorama has obtained ASI documents that show dead and fictitious people were on the police payroll.

One police station in Koknaya in Idlib province was supposed to be the base for 57 police officers. But the documents show that when ASI’s staff visited in September 2016, they couldn’t find a single officer.

ASI said officers were accounted for on subsequent visits. The company has now suspended the payment of all salaries at the Koknaya police station.

It said it had identified very few examples across Syria where deceased officers had remained on the salary list.

The documents also show how some police officers in Aleppo province were forced to hand over cash to the extremist group – Nour al-Din al-Zinki – in control of the area.

The Nour al-Din al-Zinki Movement has been linked to atrocities including the beheading of a young prisoner in 2016.

An ASI report from July 2016 warned that 20% of all police salaries were being handed over “to pay for the military and security support that Zinki provides to the five FSP stations located areas under its control”.

As well as handing over a cut of British aid money to Zinki, the police had also worked with a Zinki court “by writing up warrants, delivering notices, and turning criminals over to the court”.
. . . . .

The police cooperation has continued despite allegations of torture and summary executions involving the court at al-Qasimiyeh.

Tory MP Crispin Blunt, former chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said the FSP should not be supporting extremist courts.

He said: “You’ve got people being sentenced to death for homosexuality.

“Clearly that is completely and utterly unacceptable by any standard and the idea that British taxpayers’ money was associated with that would of course be wholly abhorrent.”
. . . . .

Panorama also discovered that the Free Syrian Police provided support for courts run by the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda – Jabhat al-Nusra – which handed out extreme punishments.

Police officers were present when two women were stoned to death near Sarmin in December 2014. Sources have told Panorama the officers closed the road so that the execution could take place.

ASI says the police officers who attended the stoning were not formally under FSP control and have since been removed.

Panorama has also seen evidence that al-Nusra handpicked police officers in two stations in Idlib province.

ASI says that the officers imposed by al-Nusra were detected in under two months and that payments to the station were then stopped.

BBC’S “Journalism” Was Done Nearly A Year Ago By Independent Media

To be clear, the report of the UK funding of the terrorist Free Syrian Police was work that was already done in January of 2017 by Vanessa Beeley of 21st Century Wire. Her article, “The ‘Free Syrian Police’ Made In The UK – Vanessa Beeley Exposes West’s Shadow State Project,” contained an interview with Mike Robinson and Brian Gerrish of UK Column regarding the FSP founders and the media moves to highlight the role of the FSP in the Nusra Front, ISIS, and other terrorist-occupied, region of Idlib. Still, better late than never, BBC.

However, there is much more to the story than what is being covered by the BBC. Nowhere in the BBC Panorama report is there anything incriminating the White Helmets and their own connections to the Free Syrian Police, the blatant connections of these groups to terrorists (i.e. terrorist leaders of White Helmets, FSP, etc.), recent or current atrocities committed by FSP and White Helmets, or the muddied waters of terrorist groups’ name changes so that it is more difficult to pinpoint in general terms Western support for terrorism in Syria. Thus, what BBC is doing cannot be called investigative journalism (since the investigation and the journalism was already done nearly a year ago), it is a whitewash designed to conceal the nature of the UK’s true involvement in the war on Syria, it’s funding and support of terrorism, and the reality that the White Helmets themselves are nothing more than terrorists.

Although the United States has been the most upfront supporter of terrorism over the last six years, the UK has followed suit, albeit quietly. The UK’s financial involvement in the war against Syria centers itself in the Conflict Stability and Security Fund (CSSF), formerly known as the Conflict Pool. According the organization, “The Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) provides development and security support to countries which are at risk of conflict or instability. It’s the only government fund which uses both Defence spend and Official Development Assistance (ODA) to deliver and support security, defence, peacekeeping, peace-building and stability activity.”

In reality, the CSSF is a slush fund that is used as an ever-ready pool of resources to be dumped into conflict zones or areas that are to be turned into conflict zones by Western destabilization tactics.

The CSSF’s own website states that it has been allocated 1.163 billion British pounds for 2017-2018 alone by the British government. That is 1.163 billion pounds of British taxpayer money allocated for terrorists in Syria while Britain sinks even further into economic depression, third world living standards, and cultural collapse. Still, despite the public admission of CSSF regarding the amount of money it has been allocated by the government, the organization has been rather secretive when it comes to Syria. A recent Parliamentary Question from Baroness Caroline Cox has revealed that the UK FCO has financed terrorists in Syria for at least three years through the CSSF.

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon, FCO stated, “The value of the CSSF for Syria is £69 million in the current financial year, was £64 million in 2016-17, and £66 million in 2015-16.”

The UK government has placed almost 200 million pounds into the terrorists proxies in Syria but, despite this knowledge being public, the government will not release the names of the recipients of those funds.

This fund, through ASI and Integrity Global, provided money directly and indirectly to terrorists operating in Syria, particularly in places like East Aleppo via the FSP, White Helmets, and “local councils,” themselves all different faces of the terrorist apparatus known as al-Nusra Front. Vanessa Beeley has detailed in her article, “White Helmets and ‘Local Councils’ – Is The UK FCO Financing Terrorism In Syria With Taxpayer Funds,” the trail of money coming from the UK government via ASI and Integrity Global and finding its way to the terrorists of al-Nusra. I highly encourage the reader to access and read the article in its entirety.

During the questioning of Lord Bates, British officials admitted clearly that the British government was indeed funding the Local Councils, not just the police forces. As Vanessa Beeley writes in her article,

With reference to the UK FCO funding of what are clearly terrorist controlled “opposition” groups, the most recent questions, tabled by Baroness Cox in October 2017, have asked whether the UK Govt can be sure that funds are not going to proscribed organisations with past or present links to Al Qaeda or associated extremist groups in East Aleppo and Idlib, via Tamkeen:

1. With reference to Lord Ahmed’s answer of 20 September (HL 1252) will the government clarify the role of Tamkeen in delivering UK support for moderates in Syria; in particular will the government make clear which local councils are receiving UK assistance through Tamkeen, and will they state whether individuals associated with proscribed organisations, notably those with links past or present to Al Qaida, are members of those councils or have been members during the periods in which the councils have received assistance?

Answer: “The “Support to Emerging Local Governance in Syria (Tamkeen)” programme, which ended in 2016, and its successor, the “Strengthening Governance Structures (Tatweer)” programme, support Provincial and Local Councils in Syria by helping them to provide open and accountable local governance and services. Tatweer operates in 16 Syrian Local Councils identified as needing immediate basic services support across Idlib, Aleppo, Daraa and Rif Damascus governorates. DFID has extensive controls in place to ensure that UK aid reaches those who need it and that it does not benefit extremists or terror groups, including vetting processes to ensure such groups are not part of the Councils with which we work. We actively manage the risks of operating in Syria. We stop funding to any project or sub-project where we have any concern that it could benefit proscribed groups.” ~ Lord Bates

2. With reference to Lord Ahmad’s answer of 20 September (HL1252) will the government clarify whether the assistance they have channelled through Tamkeen has been spent in areas of Northern Syria presently under the control of Hayat Tahrir Al Sham (the jihadi coalition led by the organisation which changed its name from Al Nusra), and the jihadi group Ahrar Al Sham, and whether that assistance continues to be made available to those areas?

Answer: “Tamkeen and Tatweer, its successor programme, provide support to improve the capacity and processes of Provincial and Local Councils in northern Syria. DFID has extensive controls in place to ensure that UK aid reaches those who need it and that it does not benefit extremists or terror groups, such as Hayat Tahrir Al Sham, including vetting processes to ensure such groups are not part of the councils with which we work. We actively manage the risks of operating in Syria. We stop funding to any project or sub-project where we have any concern that it could benefit proscribed groups.” ~ Lord Bates

Beeley, who traveled to Syria and East Aleppo specifically during 2016 and 2017, recounts what she found alongside Syrian journalist Khaled Iskef, demonstrating a clear link between the British organizations and the terrorist “opposition” in Syria . She writes,

During my time in East Aleppo in 2016/17 with Syrian journalist, Khaled Iskef, we translated documents (in Arabic) found by Iskef, that referred to two UK organisations, Adam Smith International (ASI) and Integrity Global in connection with the funding of Syrian “opposition” structures in East Aleppo. Translation of one document reveals that, in May 2014, the DFID (Department for International Development) was involved in the funding of a Local Council initiative via ASI and Integrity:

“The program, which is funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) will be aimed at local structures that indicate responsibility, transparency, and respect for human rights and strengthens their capacity to provide local services to communities. Adam Smith and Integrity will provide technical assistance through local consultancy teams, as well as technical and financial resources to meet the most urgent needs. This program is currently working in 10 excellent communities and is expected to increase the assistance to 40 communities.” ~ Taken from the document.

Please NOTE: You can view the documents cited by Beeley in her article, “White Helmets and ‘Local Councils’ – Is The UK FCO Financing Terrorism In Syria With Taxpayer Funds,” an article that I highly recommend to all readers.

These documents [photos of the documents included in Beeley’s article] were found among the debris of the various Nusra Front (Al Qaeda in Syria) centres, East Aleppo Council buildings and White Helmet centres. It is noteworthy that these three entities operating in what was terrorist occupied East Aleppo until December 2016, always worked alongside one another, either sharing facilities and buildings or next door to one another in the various districts of East Aleppo where they centered their activities.

The CSSF came into being on the 1st April 2015 and both Adam Smith International and Integrity Global were added to the “list of suppliers awarded a place on the conflict, stability and security fund framework“. ASI and Integrity are funded by the UK FCO via the CSSF to offer “assistance” to the Syrian “opposition” and this has been achieved via a variety of outreach agents, one of which is the Tamkeen Project, which claims to “build resilience in Syrian communities” and which establishes, funds and supports the “local councils” in terrorist held areas such as East Aleppo and Idlib. Appropriately, Tamkeen means “empowerment” in Arabic.

Beeley then cites a video which was filmed in the al Sha’ar district of East Aleppo in July, 2017, showing a Tamkeen-funded East Aleppo Council building standing across from a former garage that was commandeered by Nusra Front (aka al-Qaeda) for use as a bomb factory.

The video can be seen here

Beeley then continues,

This image (found in Beeley’s article) shows the black powder that Nusra Front used to pack inside shells & gas canisters, similar to what is used inside DIME or “Tungsten” bombs deployed against Gaza by Israel in 2012 and 2014. These missiles would release the metal nano-particles on explosion and the particles are transferred from the wounds to the internal organs of the victims, causing inoperable damage and eventual septicemia from which there is usually no recovery.

These deadly missiles were used on a regular basis against the 1.5 million Syrian civilians in the Syrian Government-protected West Aleppo during the terrorist & extremist occupation of East Aleppo. According to civilian testimony, after the liberation of East Aleppo, these missiles were also used against civilians in the occupied districts by the terrorist factions who then blamed such attacks on the advancing Syrian Arab Army.

The Tamkeen Project birthed and then nurtured the “Local Councils,” operating in what was terrorist-occupied East Aleppo. According to Brita Haji Hassan, the self-proclaimed “mayor of Aleppo” 2016, in an interview with the Guardian, the programme provided (East) Aleppo city council with £ 820,000 (May 2016).

While Hassan took great pains to describe his assumed “municipality” as “liberated Aleppo”, he naturally avoided mentioning the Nusra Front dominated terrorist presence that was committing atrocities against the Syrian civilians who dared to resist their occupiers’ extremist ideology or brutal oppression. Hassan tried to reinforce the myth that very few Nusra Front fighters remained in East Aleppo in December 2016 and that they were outnumbered by the “moderates” who had elected Hassan to his post as their representative. A representative of the associated “democratic institutions“.

Democratic institutions… such as the Sharia court in the Qadi Alasker district Eye & Childrens Hospital compound that had been occupied by ISIS until January 2014, then by Nusra Front in coordination with the Al Shameya Front & other extremist brigades. The following interview with Ahmad Aldayh was conducted in May 2017. Aldayh had been imprisoned in this particular “democratic institution”.

“The terrorists arrested a guy, the only child of his family. They arrested him because they found a picture of one of his friends carrying the Syrian flag, on his mobile phone. The terrorists tortured him for three hours, then they executed him.”

Dr Nabil Antaki, an eminent gastroenterologist from Aleppo had this to say about Hassan’s delusions of grandeur:

“Returning to the subject of this pseudo-mayor, Brita Hagi Hassan, I can assure you, he is mayor of nothing. Nobody in Aleppo had ever heard of him before he was magicked out of nowhere by the West. […] I ask all my friends in the West, please don’t believe your media & government lies and I have one message for the media: Enough! Stop lying!”

Moving back to the question of Adam Smith International, it is important to note that BBC reports the latest scandal as if it were the only one ASI has been involved in. However, in March, 2017, ASI’s founders were forced out when the UK government allegedly froze future contracts over questions about the ethical integrity of the company. The integrity questions surrounded evidence that ASI was profiteering off by exploiting leaked department DfID documents. The company was also criticized for attempting to “unduly influence” a parliamentary inquiry by manufacturing “letters of appreciation” from “beneficiaries” of ASI’s projects.

After all the press and furor had died down, it became clear enough that the freezing of assets and complaints of the UK government was merely theatre. At least by August, 2017 UK FCO was issuing payments to ASI yet again.

Beeley writes,

Perhaps rather naively, one might assume that the scandal that had affected DFID would be transferred over to the UK FCO CSSF managers. A quick look at the UK FCO spend ‘over £25,000’ for 2017 certainly shows continued payments being made to ASI, including in the updated entry on 29th September 2017.

In fact, in the month of August 2017 alone, ASI received £ 3.79m from the UK FCO. It appears that the FCO is happy to be using a questionable & corrupt conduit to transfer funds that will almost certainly make their way into the hands of internationally proclaimed terrorist groups and their affiliates, this time in Syria.

The “Local Councils”

Beeley then turns to the nature of the “local councils” operating in Syria and funding by the UK, particularly one known as the Command Council in terrorist-held East Aleppo. She writes,

The Aleppo Command Council, a unification of all eastern district “councils,” was set up in mid-November, as the fierce battles for the liberation of East Aleppo from western backed terrorist factions were drawing to a close. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) allied advance was tightening the noose around the final terrorist enclaves that included the Old City of Aleppo and the Omayyed Mosque, where these photos were taken. So the last stand by the Tamkeen established, UK FCO financed, Local Council was reaching its finale.

A study of the photo & the nature of its subjects might give a few clues as to the terrorist affiliations of these Council members but one individual in particular stands out, Omar Salkho. Salkho (image linked in article) was a member of US backed “moderate” extremist group, Harakat Nour al Din Zenki & is seated in the centre of the photograph. This group’s notoriety rose to prominence after they publicly tortured and beheaded Palestinian child, Abdullah Issa in July 2016.

Did the UK FCO ‘overlook’ the terrorist activities and affiliations of the Local Councils they were financing by proxy just as they had overlooked the criminal fraud and seedy double-dealing conducted by ASI?

But Omar Salkho was not simply an exception or, as former State Department Spokesman Mark Toner put it, “one incident here and there.” Local Council affiliation with terrorists and terrorists holding positions within those councils were quite common. As Beeley writes,

In December 2013 a militant fighter, Abdulaziz Maghrabi (seen above) was elected President of the East Aleppo Council. At that time, aforementioned Hagi Hassan was his deputy. In an Al Araby article that focused on Maghrabi, he informed them that he had been with the Muslim Brotherhood-Qatari-backed Al Tawhid Islamist brigades when East Aleppo was first invaded in 2012. He was then elected to the presidency of the East Aleppo Council AND he formed the “civil defence” aka the White Helmets in East Aleppo in 2013, with the backing of the international sponsors & creators of this hybrid, pseudo first-responder organisation.

In the second photo [available here] (November 2016) we see Maghrabi with hardline extremist group Abu Amara. Abu Amara acted as the most brutal security agency in East Aleppo, even outdoing Nusra Front in the atrocities committed against Syrian civilians under their occuptation. In the first photo with Ahrar Al Sham, Maghrabi is wearing a shirt with the Abu Amara logo, demonstrating the close working relationship between these two terrorist organisations. According to civilian testimony in East Aleppo – Nusra Front, Abu Amara, Ahrar Al Sham & other factions formed a tightly integrated group of terrorist brigades.

According to a report in Al Monitor, al-Tawhid Brigade’s military commander, Abdul Qadir al-Saleh, made the following statement in 2013:

“Saleh recently praised Jabhat al-Nusra and “the high coordination between them and the rest of the factions fighting on the ground. … [There is] great coordination with them on the military side.” That was not the first time he made such a statement. In April, he expressed his “complete rejection to include Jabhat al-Nusra on the US terrorism list,” adding that the group didn’t engage in terrorism.”

When I spoke to crew members of the former East Aleppo REAL Syria Civil Defence who had been expelled from East Aleppo by the militant groups, they told me these groups had taken over the East Aleppo centres in 2012-2013, killing many crew members, kidnapping others and stealing their equipment. One crew member told me they had tried to force him to stay and work with them, but he succeeded in escaping to the secure, terrorist-free West Aleppo which remained under Syrian government protection throughout the Nusra Front-led occupation of East Aleppo until December 2016. In his haste, he had been forced to leave his teenage sons behind in East Aleppo.

White Helmets and terrorist factions had marked him for assassination should he try to re-enter East Aleppo via any of the terrorist checkpoints. Other crew members told me how they & their families now working & living in West Aleppo had been deliberately targeted by militant factions in East Aleppo, even during rescue missions.

Maghrabi (better known as Abu Salma) did not relinquish his terrorist connections at any point. He remained an active member of Abu Amara & Nusra Front according to testimony from Syrian civilians & ex-fighters in East Aleppo who resumed normal life in Aleppo after the final evacuation of terrorist factions in December 2016. Maghrabi has regularly been photographed with Ahrar Al Sham, Abu Amara and at demonstrations with Nusra Front militants.

In this photo, Maghrabi is seen being interviewed by Halab Today TV, during an East Aleppo, Nusra Front demonstration in September 2014 (Nusra Front black flag can be seen in the background):

Maghrabi posted the following video to his Facebook page in August 2017, paying tribute to the Abu Amara militants in the video – “A year ago, with one of the good guys before the launch of the Ramousie battle”. Abu Amara were preparing the campaign to prevent the SAA and allies retaking the Castello Road, an arterial humanitarian supply line for Aleppo civilians and an essential weapons entry point for the terrorist groups occupying East Aleppo:

While the US and UK have steadfastly refused to designate Ahar Al Sham a terrorist organisation, it is worth noting that in October 2016, “a German court convicted four supporters of hardline Islamist group Ahrar Al-Sham, who supplied munitions and equipment worth thousands of dollars to Syria, of aiding terrorism. It may serve a precedent for further trials.” This landmark decision marked Ahrar Al Sham as an atrocity-committing, international terrorist group operating in Syria:

“Describing the radical group as “a foreign terrorist organization” that seeks to portray itself as a member of the so-called moderate opposition in Syria, the court cited the group’s public acknowledgments of mounting suicide attacks and preparing assaults on Alawite villages.” ~ Aiding Terrorist Groups

Ahrar Al Sham are also included in the Jaish al Fatah (Army of Conquest) alongside Nusra Front. This terrorist “Army” is led by child-suicide-bomber-trainer, Riyadh educated Sheikh Abdullah Muhaysini. The following excerpt is taken from a video filmed in the Hama countryside earlier this year, featuring Fatah Al Sham fighters, White Helmets and Muhaysini welcoming terrorists from Daraya. Watch:

Maghrabi was therefore, undeniably, a terrorist at the same time as he was both president of the UK FCO financed East Aleppo Council & the founder of the White Helmets in East Aleppo who are also financed by the UK FCO, via the infamous CSSF, among a number of other international sponsors which include the US, via USAID & Chemonics, Qatar, Holland, France, Germany, Japan, Denmark, Canada. Those offering logistics support or training to the White Helmets include New Zealand.

The White Helmets – East Aleppo Council Connection

Beeley then turns to another aspect which the BBC report conveniently remained silent on – the connection between the terrorist East Aleppo Council (which BBC attempted to portray as unfortunately corrupted by some jihadists who had slipped into its midst) and the White Helmets. She writes,

The close connection between East Aleppo Council and the White Helmets are demonstrated by:

1. They are both funded by the UK FCO CSSF (among other sponsors) via various intermediaries. For the White Helmets, it is Mayday Rescue that acts as the primary laundering agent for UK FCO funds.

2. Their operating centres in East Aleppo were always next door to each other and alongside Nusra Front military centres – and also alongside UK FCO funded “Free Syrian Police.”

SEE ALSO: The Free Syrian Police – Made in the UK

RFID Scan Blockers - Available for Free

3. The White Helmet group in East Aleppo was established by the president of the East Aleppo Council (EAC), Maghrabi, who has clear affiliations to terrorist groups inside Syria. Maghrabi is also an active militant member of those groups, by his own admission.

4. White Helmets in East Aleppo, Idlib and other terrorist occupied areas of Syria have consistently and unreservedly proclaimed allegiance to terrorists groups such as Ahrar Al Sham and Nusra Front on their social media accounts. A recent survey carried out by the Syrian War Blog has identified 65 White Helmet operatives who have professed their membership of, or alliance with, extremist groups. This survey analysed more than 200 digital media accounts belonging to individual White Helmets and the investigation is ongoing. The 65 accounts that have been highlighted are the most extreme, but all other accounts also displayed extremist tendencies.

5. The East Aleppo Council logo was seen on the sleeve of White Helmet jackets left behind in the abandoned White Helmet centres in various districts of East Aleppo. The White Helmets were evacuated from East Aleppo in December 2016 alongside the Nusra Front-led militant and extremist factions. Photo below shows White Helmet, Ismail Alabdullah, wearing the White Helmet uniform with the East Aleppo Council logo on the left sleeve of the jacket. (Photo: Alabdullah’s Facebook page)

6: In the following infograph (linked in Beeley’s article) you will see that Hagi Hassan had replaced Maghrabi as president of the EAC by 2016. Hassan accompanied overall leader of the White Helmets, Raed Saleh (upper left-hand corner of infograph), to Paris in October 2016, where they were both welcomed by former French president, Francois Hollande and given access to the Assemblee Nationale. The East Aleppo “Local Council” working hand in hand with the White Helmets and terrorist groups in Syria, while lobbying for military escalation or faux-humanitarian intervention from the US coaliton, in this case, France.

A little further evidence of the UK FCO close working relationship with the Tamkeen Project can be demonstrated by UK FCO’s Special Representative for Syria (based in Turkey) Gareth Bayley and his letter to the Tamkeen team, regarding the loss of their leader, Ayman Sheikha during battles for East Aleppo in November 2016.

Unfortunately, Bayley never expressed such personal concern or condolences for the 11,000 plus civilians murdered in West Aleppo by the hell cannon gas canister missiles, mortars, grad rockets, explosive bullets, chemical weapon attacks, snipers, suicide bombers emanating from terrorist controlled East Aleppo during the 5 year siege by the very organisations the UK FCO had been financing during that time. The majority of Syrian civilians maimed or killed in West Aleppo were children.


While the UK government continues to claim that it does not fund extremists in Syria, the fact is that all “rebel” groups are nothing more than different presentations of the same terrorist proxy force funded and directed by the West, GCC, and Israel for the purpose of overthrowing the secular government of Bashar al-Assad. As this article, the work of Vanessa Beeley, and even the whitewash of the BCC demonstrates, the UK government is clearly funding terrorists to the hilt in Syria, despite the fact that the United States is the most vocal supporter of terrorism today. The UK government, via its FCO and FCO subsidiaries have documented their own support for terrorists via the money provided to the White Helmets, Free Syrian Police, and Local Councils of terrorist-held areas. These latest revelations only serve to confirm what independent journalists like Iskef and Beeley confirmed nearly a year prior. However, there is much more money and much deeper connections between the British government and terrorism in Syria than the BBC whitewash report was allowed to produce. Aside from funding, the UK has deployed intelligence agents and SAS forces inside Syria for the purpose of backing up and protecting terrorists against the Syrian government.

Watch the full Geneva Press Club event here.

SEE ALSO: What to Expect From BBC Panorama and Guardian’s Whitewash of UK Gov’t Funding Terrorists in Syria

For those unfamiliar with the true nature of the White Helmets, the following articles are recommended reading:

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Who Are Syria’s White Helmets? – Vanessa Beeley

Interviews With Syrian Civilians Reveal White Helmets And Nusra/al-Qaeda Are The Same Thing – Brandon Turbeville

Additional articles by writers at 21st Century Wire:

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Original investigative report:The REAL Syria Civil Defence Exposes Fake White Helmets as Terrorist-Linked Imposters

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Report by Patrick HenningsenAN INTRODUCTION: Smart Power & The Human Rights Industrial Complex

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White Helmets Oscar Award Farce:Forget Oscar: Give The White Helmets the Leni Riefenstahl Award for Best War Propaganda Film

Cory Morningstar report:Investigation into the funding sources of the White Helmets, including Avaaz, Purpose, The Syria Campaign

Open letter to Canadian MPs from Stop the War Hamilton (Canada):
Letter from the Hamilton Coalition to Stop War to the New Democratic Party in Canada ref the White Helmet nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize:

Open letter to Canada’s NDP Leader on Nobel Prize:Letter to NDP from Prof. John Ryan protesting White Helmet nomination for RLA and Nobel Peace Prize.

READ MORE WHITE HELMETS NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire White Helmets Files
READ MORE SYRIA NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Syria Files

Also follow Vanessa Beeley’s work at 21st Century Wire and The Wall Will Fall.

Brandon Turbeville writes for Activist Post – article archive here – He is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome. Turbeville has published over 1000 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

This article may be freely shared in part or in full with author attribution and source link.

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By Vic Bishop

“I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.” ~Chamath Palihapitiya

In a recent talk with the Stanford Graduate School of Business, former vice-president of user growth for Facebook, Chamath Palihapitiya, made some rather startling comments about the impact Facebook and social media are having on human culture. 

He acknowledged feeling ‘tremendous guilt’ about his involvement with Facebook, citing the fact that the technology is so widely used that it is actually affecting how human beings interact with one another, upending our entire cultural history of communication.

When asked what ‘soul-searching’ he is doing right now, Palihapitiya responded:

I feel tremendous guilt… I think in the back deep, deep recesses of our minds, we kind of knew something bad could happen…

It literally is a point now where I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works. That is truly where we are.

It is a point in time where people need to hard break from some of these tools, and the things that you rely on.

The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops we’ve created are destroying how society works…

No civil discourse, no cooperation, misinformation, mistruth. And it’s not an American problem… this is a global problem. 

It is eroding the core foundations of how people behave by and between each other. ~Chamath Palihapitiya



Watch more of this interview in the following video:

These comments come just a short while after comments made by one of the original Facebook founders, Sean Parker, whose remarks are quite unsettling, pointing at the insidious nature of these tools to exploit weaknesses in human psychology.

When Facebook was getting going, I had these people who would come up to me and they would say, ‘I’m not on social media.’ And I would say, ‘OK. You know, you will be.’ And then they would say, ‘No, no, no. I value my real-life interactions. I value the moment. I value presence. I value intimacy.’ And I would say, … ‘We’ll get you eventually.’

I don’t know if I really understood the consequences of what I was saying, because [of] the unintended consequences of a network when it grows to a billion or 2 billion people and … it literally changes your relationship with society, with each other … It probably interferes with productivity in weird ways. God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.

The thought process that went into building these applications, Facebook being the first of them, … was all about: ‘How do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?’

And that means that we need to sort of give you a little dopamine hit every once in a while, because someone liked or commented on a photo or a post or whatever. And that’s going to get you to contribute more content, and that’s going to get you … more likes and comments.

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It’s a social-validation feedback loop … exactly the kind of thing that a hacker like myself would come up with, because you’re exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology.

The inventors, creators — it’s me, it’s Mark [Zuckerberg], it’s Kevin Systrom on Instagram, it’s all of these people — understood this consciously. And we did it anyway. ~Sean Parker

Final Thoughts

The human race is stepping into the perfect storm for disaster in our relationship with technology as advances in robotics, artificial intelligence and big data are converging to present us with unbelievable challenges.

Palihapitiya and Parker of Facebook are speaking to the legitimate concerns about these tools on the human psyche and how they affect our psychology. Combine this with robot sex toys, killer-robots, and mind-boggling AI, and we really have to wonder what is coming. 

Read more articles by Vic Bishop.

Vic Bishop is a staff writer for and Survival Tips blog. He is an observer of people, animals, nature, and he loves to ponder the connection and relationship between them all. A believer in always striving to becoming self-sufficient and free from the matrix, please track him down on Facebook.

This article (Another Facebook Executive Issues Warning About its Disastrous Effect on Psychology and Society) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Vic Bishop and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement. Please contact for more info.





By Mathew Maavak

As US federal debt approaches $21 trillion in a matter of months, an eye-popping equivalent amount seems to have gone cumulatively missing from government coffers over the past two decades.

The missing $21 trillion was tabulated by a team of researchers led by Dr. Mark Skidmore, Morris Chair of State and Local Government and Policy at Michigan State University. Skidmore’s team tallied up “undocumentable adjustments” – a euphemism for accounting prestidigitations – at the US Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) between 1998 and 2015. The study was verified by no less authority than Catherine Austin Fitts whose mainstream credentials included a stint in the George H.W. Bush presidential administration.

The most shocking instance of such book-keeping legerdemain, amounting to a colossal $2.3 trillion, was admitted by then Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld on the noteworthy date of Sept 10, 2001. Rumsfeld was very specific in identifying America’s adversary: It was “closer to home”; it was the “Pentagon bureaucracy.”

The Sept 11 terror attacks the very next day, however, consigned these trillions into a black hole of oblivion. Yet, the black hole kept accruing ominous mass over the years; readying itself for an event horizon that may suck in nations, stock markets, livelihoods and lives into a fatal vortex.

Several imponderables remain: Who controls this hidden stash? Has the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) sought closure over this issue? Is the internecine civil war within the US deep state in reality a tussle over this slush fund? Whatever the hypothesis, make no mistake: An “undocumentable” $21 trillion in limbo somewhere can fund revolutions, regime changes and wars anywhere. It can not only fix spot prices for global markets but “spot narratives” in the global mainstream media as well.



It can ensure any “days of rage” planned over US President Donald J. Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel would remain a damp squib until the time emerges to redraw the contours of the Middle East. Once tempers are skillfully stoked towards a Middle East endgame, global markets can be shorted to localize geopolitical attention. The “days of rage” may then be directed at local leaders who will be in desperate need of solutions to keep their regimes and societies intact.

For an added perspective, consider this: Ever wondered how George Soros, with an official net worth of $8 billion, can threaten governments in a way Li Ka-Shing with a net worth of $33.7 billion cannot? In all likelihood, funds channeled into Soros’ transnational “human rights” hydras were never quite his in the first place. An activist billionaire is the perfect shill for deep state and transnational interests.

Such snowballing suspicions must have weighed heavily on the Pentagon. It has finally decided to conduct its first audit in history by raising an army of 2,400 auditors from independent public accounting firms to see where the missing trillions as well as an inexplicable 44,000 US troops had disappeared to. It is rather conveniently late in the day for such an “audit” as the global economic deck seems to be stacked and ready to implode.

Oligarchic Ascendancy

The trillion-dollar drainage from US government agencies has occurred synchronously with the relentless wealth fractionation process worldwide, along with a rise in global socioeconomic volatility. As the chart below shows, a mere 80 individuals had the same amount of wealth as 3.5 billion people in 2014.

This trend is expected to worsen through 2020 and beyond. According to a 2016 McKinsey report, around 540 million young people in 25 advanced nations, including the United States, face the prospect of becoming poorer than their parents.

This brings up an Aristotelian dilemma. The Greek sage had equated a stable society with a strong middle class. Around 2,300 years later, financial whiz kids immersed in Reaganomics claim otherwise. The accrual of wealth among the few, according to the new wisdom, is supposed to generate more investments and jobs. The reality is just the opposite: According to the US-based National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), about 10 percent of global GDP has been ploughed into offshore tax havens instead of national treasuries and factories. More ominously, this figure jumps to 15 percent for Europe and up to 60 percent for Gulf Arab and Latin American regions. The hemorrhage of trillions is not just limited to the United States. There are many more trillions available to the transnational oligarchy to reshape the global order.

Furthermore, accelerating technological breakthroughs are already creating a permanent global underclass. Robots alone will displace 800 million workers by 2030. This poses a quandary for highly-populated emerging powers like India where, the richest one per cent own more than 53 per cent of the national wealth. What will India’s unskilled, teeming millions do when factories adopt robots and related Industry 4.0 production paradigms? The “Make in India” initiative must be matched with “Train in India” and “Hire in India” programs. Time is of critical essence here to avoid mass population redundancy.

Echoes from the ’30s

However, what happens when workers worldwide face mass redundancy? Rising global wealth inequality is now seen as a transnational threat, with a 2007 study by the UK Ministry of Defence presciently warning of a coordinated global middle class uprising in the coming years. This anticipated backlash has been attributed to a pervasive decline in mainstream news quality and a countervailing rise in cyber-activism. While debt levels continue to set new records in the West, its media is blissfully peddling red herrings on an unprecedented scale. Google’s decision to de-rank articles from RT and Sputnik is just the latest manifestation of the West’s desperation to control the information matrix.

When the bubbles do burst, as they did during the Great Depression, the global oligarchy would face the collective ire of the masses. There is however a time-tested economic model for this sort of predicament. It is called Fascism. In a post-bubble landscape, the poor and dispossessed will no longer provide a market for mass-market products while factories that produce them will sooner or later go bust. The only ironclad economic engines left revving – as historical patterns reveal – will be the ones focused on policing and militarization.

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An Updated NWO

Henry Kissinger had long sensed this imminent déjà vu, and is currently advocating a pre-emptive solution in the form of a “New World Order” based on regionalized power centres. “The contemporary quest for world order,” Kissinger wrote in a 2014 Wall Street Journal essay, “will require a coherent strategy to establish a concept of order within the various regions and to relate these regional orders to one another.”

In a 2012 peer-reviewed paper titled ‘Class Warfare, Anarchy and the Future Society’, the author had reached a similar conclusion – from the opposite end of the Kissingerian worldview. The world would be convulsed by a series of manufactured crises to facilitate an international order governed by regional power centres. The Kissinger solution appears like a plutocratic twist of the Gramscian Political Society; one where repressive state organs would be “counselled” by oligarchs propped by trillions from a transnational treasury. When societies get desperate and breadlines get longer, nationalist leaders would baulk at blocking the charities of the mega-rich. The folks in Kiev are still grateful for Victoria Nuland’s cookies even while their nation regresses into a Third World asylum. Imagine what a $21 trillion cookie jar can accomplish worldwide?

Some regions like South Asia, however, lack the basic infrastructure to impose and integrate inter-regional orders of the kind advocated by Kissinger. This is perhaps a reason why India is being courted with much alacrity by the West. Australia, one of the quadrilateral security partners proposed for India is however staring at a $5.6 trillion housing bubble worth four times its GDP. A nation of 24 million people cannot carry such a burden, unless it can induce a massive destabilizing capital flight from Third World nations.

When that happens, NGOs and social justice warriors worldwide can expect an unexpected bonanza in the opposite direction – in the form of cash and cookies to champion a new order in their hopelessly-impoverished societies!

Mathew Maavak is a doctoral candidate in risk foresight at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).


Huffington Post General Discussion / Ten Essential Elements of a Covert Op
« on: December 12, 2017, 07:00:23 PM »



By Jon Rappoport

I’m talking about major covert ops, not small ones.

ONE: Compartmentalization.

The tasks necessary to carrying out the operation are divided among players at different levels. In a successful op, these groups of players are unaware of each other. They wouldn’t be able to confess to more than their own roles.

And in many cases, the disparate players would never believe they were part of an op. They would swear they were “doing good”—as, for example, in medical research that was—unknown to the researchers—actually designed to obscure a chemical attack on a population, by locating a virus as the false culprit. By training and by general stupidity, the researchers are always predisposed to finding a virus. The last thing on their minds is that they’re part of an op.

TWO: Gaining tremendous media coverage for the effect of the op (even exaggerating the effects), while hiding the cause and the players who planned it.

THREE: Blaming the wrong people as the originators of the op. Relentlessly discrediting truth tellers who see what’s really going on.

FOUR: Developing and promoting a false cover story to describe the details of the op; in many cases, those details are wrong. For example, the famous truck bomb parked at the curb of the Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995, did most assuredly not cause the human and property destruction that ensued. There were bombs inside the building.

FIVE: Laying down false trails for investigators and independent researchers. In the wake of the JFK assassination, we saw the emergence of many, many “alternative” scenarios. Some of that “information” was designed to lead into dead-end alleys—after much time and frustration.



SIX: At least several goals. In any large covert op, there are a few different objectives, at different levels. For example, certain players gain an increase in status; profits for the elite planners; control of market share; demonizing of opponents; general demoralization of the population. Arguments over “the real purpose” of an op are often misguided. There was never just one purpose.

SEVEN: Testing public response. After an op, analysts are tasked with assessing the public reaction. Did most people buy the official scenario? What objections were raised? Who raised them? An effort is made to be as precise as possible. What lessons were learned that can be applied to the next op?

EIGHT: Controlled opposition. This aspect involves infiltrating independent voices with plants, who try to take charge of unofficial and truthful narrative and steer it AWAY from the truth.

Among the plants are people who promote the most absurd theories possible about the op. And then there are those plants who accuse everyone who doesn’t agree with them of being “CIA agents.”

Note: Several of these functions are actually carried out by people who aren’t plants at all. They’re just crazy and/or desperate egomaniacs. They obtain their highest degree of satisfaction from making accusations against innocent people and inventing sleights against themselves. They live in an unenviable sewer.

NINE: Distraction. After a covert op, the government and the press will sometimes promote and pump a new story, concerning a different “sensational event”—and lean on it for a period of time sufficient to distract the public from the original op.

TEN: Limited hangout. This strategy involves seeding a cover story with some bit of truth to attract the unwary, in hopes that they will buy the whole cover. Or, admitting to a watered down piece of truth about the op itself, to “let off steam” and make it seem as if the whole op has been exposed.

These ten elements (there are more) are standard. They’re not esoteric. Any intelligence agency deploys them in a variety of situations.

For the most part, the press simply takes dictation and reports what front men for covert ops want reported. Of course, the press is seeded with intell assets.

How does a researcher deal with these ten elements? He drills down below the cover story to discover the core facts about the op. He isn’t diverted by the distractions and the fake news.

He must be ready to find some mind-boggling truths at the core and accept what he finds.

Having discovered the core, he can then “reverse engineer” the op and see how it was put together. He can see who benefited at various levels.

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In my 1987-8 investigation of AIDS/HIV, what lay at the core was the fact that the virus had never been shown to cause anything. Nor was it a reasonable candidate as a disease agent.

From there, I could assemble the multiple purposes of the op and see who was benefiting. I could separate the dupes and pawns and true believers from the actual operators.

My research uncovered a formidable structure of hierarchical power.

Fortunately, I and other independent researchers who were arriving at different conclusions managed to maintain a cordial relationship, instead of sniping at each other. The few times I encountered megalomaniacs, I basically ignored them. It was a good lesson to learn.

A final note for now: just because ops are covert, that doesn’t mean they are well executed. Quite often the operators make blunders. In that case, the following cover-up carries the freight of mistakes and smooths them out by concocting fantasies that are relayed to the press, and in turn, to the public. And even then, the cover-up can fail to impress intelligent observers. However, through repetition, and by using “experts,” the mainstream media keeps promoting the cover story. In the end, it is the sheer monopolistic power of the press that functions as the ultimate cover.

That is why I named this site no more fake news 16 years ago. Because that blunt power needs to be dismantled.

We are in the middle of a sea change, where that very thing is happening.

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.





By Matt Agorist

On Monday morning, a 27-year-old alleged terrorist by the name of Akayed Ullah walked into the underground tunnel between Times Square and the Port Authority Bus Terminal and detonated a crudely-made pipe bomb. Luckily no one but Ullah was seriously injured.

After the blast, which happened at 7:20 am during rush hour, the suspect was almost immediately identified and a profile of him released.

Ullah is from Bangladesh and had been living in Brooklyn. He arrived in the United States in February of 2011 and had a visa. He came in with his parents and 3-4 siblings and subsequently obtained a Green Card and became a permanent U.S. resident, according to CBS news.

“They’ve been bombing in my country and I wanted to do damage here,” law enforcement sources reportedly told the NY Post.

He told cops he was inspired by ISIS, but police don’t believe he had any direct contact with the group, sources said.

Currently, police are claiming Ullah is a lone wolf attacker and they are saying there is no reason to believe any other attacks are forthcoming.

“NYPD will be adjusting and adapting the way they always do. Right now, they don’t believe there’s any follow-up attack immediately planned, but there are still several weeks to go before Christmas, two weeks from today,” said Rep. Peter King.



During the press conference, New York’s governor took to the microphone to blame the internet for the attack.

“With the internet now, anyone can go on the internet and download garbage and vileness on how to put together an amateur-level explosive device,” said N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Clearly missing the point and hinting at a possible agenda of internet censorship, Cuomo conveniently ignored the fact that people can also securely and easily send those files to one another via cheap satellite antennas, cell phones, dark web, or any other number of ways—without the evil internet.

Within minutes of the attack, surveillance footage from the tunnel was released which shows Ullah detonate the bomb. The footage from a Port Authority surveillance camera monitor shows commuters walking through a narrow hall on the way to the A, C and E trains moments before the blast, according to the NY Post.

“It’s the guy in the hoodie,” one off-camera voice can be heard saying, referring to the suspect as he enters the frame and the bomb goes off.

It is amazing how fast an investigation can go when the attacker is called a terrorist. If we contrast the tragic massacre in Las Vegas last month with this tragic attack in New York, a telling picture begins to appear.

Within only hours, Ullah’s history both inside and outside the United States was made public. We were informed that Saipov lived in Brooklyn, was a licensed cab driver, and that he arrived in the United States in February of 2011 and had a visa. He came in with his parents and 3-4 siblings and subsequently obtained a Green Card and became a permanent U.S. resident.

All this information was immediately released to the public without anyone having to demand it. Contrast this with Vegas—as millions continue to demand answers to very simple questions about Stephen Paddock—and it is the exact opposite.

It took close to a week to learn that Stephen Paddock allegedly traveled outside of the United States. In fact, it hasn’t been ‘officially’ released at all. We were simply told by CNN, through a confidential law enforcement source that Paddock took several cruises that included stops at ports in Spain, Italy, Greece, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

As the investigation into the New York act of terror shows us, it is quite easy to find out where people travel to and from inside and outside of the US. Why haven’t we been told exactly where Paddock has traveled?

What’s more, as the video above illustrates, Ullah was caught surveillance cameras and this was all quickly published online. However, in spite of the tens of thousands of cameras throughout the Las Vegas area and inside the Mandalay Bay Casino—not a single video nor even a still image from a surveillance camera has been released.

RFID Scan Blockers - Available for Free

Why haven’t authorities released a single image of Paddock carrying a bag into the hotel? Why haven’t authorities released a single image of Paddock sitting down at one of the many slot machines at which he was alleged to have used his girlfriend’s point card?

Indeed, there was surveillance footage released of Stephen Paddock immediately after the shooting. However, this video was obtained by NBC news—from a different hotel, six years ago.

How is it that NBC was able to get surveillance footage from six years ago, almost immediately after the shooting, and police can’t release a single image of Paddock at the Mandalay Bay Casino during his stay and before he shot himself in his hotel room?

It is ridiculous to consider the fact that most of the information the public has about Stephen Paddock and what went on inside Mandalay Bay has not come from police. Instead, it has come from citizens with access to certain information and leaked to the press. In fact, police seem to want the public to remain entirely in the dark about what happened as they continue to change their story and they actually publicly noted that they wanted to punish the person who leaked the photos of Paddock’s suite to the news.

Department Undersheriff Kevin McMahill noted in October:

There was a question about the validity of the crime scene photos that somebody had leaked. I can confirm those are, in fact, photos from inside of the room; they are in fact photos of our suspect, and as the sheriff mentioned previously, we have all opened up an internal investigation to determine the source of the leaks of those photos to the public.

Why is it that we already know more about an attack and attacker that happened this morning than we do about an attack and an attacker that happened over two months ago? If authorities want to dispel these so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ popping up online, they need to stop changing their stories and release what they know—now.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project, where this article first appeared. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.


Huffington Post General Discussion / The Collapse of Major Media
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By Jon Rappoport

As I indicated in a recent article, the B-team, or even the C-team, is now heading up the national evening news in America. These anchors’ faces and voices (Muir, Glor, and Holt) are not even faint reminders of the so-called Golden Age, when father figures like Cronkite and Reasoner fed official truth into the brains of viewers. The new C-team is vague gloss from a paint job on a used car. This is an ominous sign for the news bosses in the upstairs suites. They can’t find adequate hypnotists anymore.

What happened?

Many things—among them, the father figures left the fold. They decided to sell real estate or take corporate work in PR. They saw the handwriting on the wall: the networks were fostering a youth movement, seeking younger and prettier talent. Why? Because Madison Avenue was convinced the younger viewer demographic was the important one, in terms of consumer buying power. Therefore, on-air news faces had to be younger as well. This sounded right, but it overlooked one vital fact. The young news anchors couldn’t pull off the appropriate level of mind control. They were merely bland robots. Friendly, nice, literate to the point of being able to read copy. (Lester Holt at NBC is a bit older, but he comes across as a corpse someone dug up at a cemetery for a role in a Frankenstein remake.)

There is another gross miscalculation. The commercials, between news segments, are overwhelmingly pharmaceutical. Those drugs aren’t intended for the youth demographic. They’re for the middle-aged and the seniors, who want to toxify themselves for the rest of their lives.

So the commercials are playing to the older crowd, while the faces of the news are supposedly attracting younger viewers. It’s a mess. The news execs and programmers really have no idea what they’re doing.

They’re basically hoping their game somehow lasts until they can retire.

There’s more.



Terrified by “visionary” Ted Turner, who started CNN as a 24/7 cable news outlet in 1980, NBC decided they had to spin off their own cable news channel. This move, on its own, splintered the unitary hypnotic effect of having one anchor deliver one version of the news to one audience. Suddenly, there were several hypnotists on stage, all talking at once. It was a disaster in the making.

Then you had the various financial news channels, and FOX, and the sports channels, and the weather channel, and Bloomberg, and C-SPAN, etc. Plus all the local news outlets.

This fragmentation began to erode the programmed mind of the viewer. If, hoping to retreat to an earlier time, he sought out one face and one voice and one great father figure on ANY of these channels, he came up empty. The archetype was gone.

In a pinch, a viewer on the political right might opt for Bill O’Reilly, and a viewer on the Globalist left might choose Charlie Rose. But they’re both out of the picture now.

Enter, from stage left, the goo-goo behemoth, the CIA-connected Facebook, which, amidst building a tower of likes for infantile posts, is trying to convince its adherents that it IS the Internet and a source of tailored news that is sufficient unto the day. Unanchored news. No single voice or face.

Big media, in all its forms, has lost the mind control war.

It has lost it from inside itself.

Into the vacuum have swept the million voices of independent media. I’ve written about that revolution at length, and won’t recap it here.

Instead, consider the Youth Phenomenon. You could peg it at the Beatles’ US invasion of 1964.

Why? Because that was the moment when children began to be entertained by other children. Seriously, deeply, religiously.

Add in the drugs, and other factors, and you had the groundswell of the 1960s.

Stay young forever. Never grow up. Adults are dull dolts.

These children eventually became parents, and their children became parents…and you have the whole generation-to-generation, societal, eternal-youth package. “I want to be young. I want to be happy forever.”

How do you sell these people the news?

You put a nice face on it.

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And you lose the hypnosis.

You still have all the lies and cover-ups and diversions and omissions…but the trance element at the core grows weaker over time.

Like the snowfall from a great blizzard, the aftermath shows patches of snow disappearing, piece by piece.

This is happening, and the news titans can do nothing to stop it.

It’s a long-term trend, and it’s called good news.

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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By Brandon Turbeville

After making a surprise visit to Syria on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial withdrawal of Russian troops from the country, adding that their task has largely been completed.

Putin was welcomed by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad at the Russian Hmeimim airbase, both men smiling and embracing at the meeting.

“I have taken a decision: a significant part of the Russian troop contingent located in Syria is returning home to Russia,” Putin stated. Putin addressed Russian troops in a televised speech where he stated that he had ordered Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to begin the partial withdrawal. Putin told the troops that they had helped the Syrian military crush the “most battle-ready group of international terrorists.”

“On the whole the task has been completed. And completed brilliantly,” he said.

Last month, Putin stated that the efforts to end the war were leaving the military stage to the diplomatic one, focusing more on political reforms and negotiations than military action.

He did, however, stated that both Russian bases – Hmeimim and the naval facility in Tartus – would continue to function in order to repel any attacks.

“If terrorists rear their heads again we will inflict the blows that they have not seen yet,” he said.



Syrian President Bashar al-Assad expressed gratitude to Russia for its assistance stating that “The Syrians will never forget what the Russian forces did. Their blood mixed with the blood of the martyrs of the Syrian army. This means that this blood is stronger than terrorism and its mercenaries.”

The first Russian jets were scheduled to leave on Monday, December 11 but 23 planes, two helicopters, and military police are expected to return soon.

While some are hailing the move, the fact still remains that terrorists inhabit a sizeable portion of the country, not only in isolated pockets but in Idlib and the eastern areas as well, despite the defeat of ISIS proper.

For instance, Andrew Korybko, writing for Oriental Review, sees a more pragmatic purpose behind Putin’s announcement. He writes,

President Assad once famously promised to liberate “every inch” of Syria, but there’s no way that he’ll be able to free those parts of the country now unless he “compromises” with his opponents. In hindsight, this might be why President Putin said during last month’s Sochi Summit with his Iranian and Turkish counterparts that “It is obvious that the process of reform will not be easy and will require compromises and concessions from all participants, including of course the government of Syria.” Russia won’t ever target the “moderate opposition rebels” that it signed DEZ deals with and invited to Astana, so Damascus will be compelled to “compromise” with them if it wants to reassert its authority over the territory that they presently occupy.

The same situation applies for the PYD-YPG Kurds, too. The 2000 US troops in northeastern Syria and 10 American bases there make it impossible for the SAA to militarily reintegrate this region, thus necessitating some sort of “decentralization” deal likely modelled off of the one that’s included in the Russian-written “draft constitution” and possibly seeing DEZs (which the Kurdish-controlled third of the country might eventually be designated) transformed into “decentralization” units. The SAA’s Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Hezbollah allies won’t be of much help in any forthcoming liberation operation that Damascus might secretly be planning in these regions because they lack the pivotal airpower of Russia’s Aerospace Forces, which was responsible for turning the tide of war in the first place in late 2015.

They’d also be violating the DEZs that Moscow worked so hard to establish, likely earning each of them a sharp rebuke from Russia behind closed doors or even in public if the situation was serious enough to “warrant” it. President Putin is adamant that the War on Syria begins transitioning from the military theater to the political one, using his proposed “Syrian National Dialogue Congress” as the template for proceeding to the next step, and he will do whatever is reasonably possible within his and his country’s power to ensure that this happens.

Korbyko sees this decision as closely linked to Putin’s own political necessities at home and the domestic Russian situation. He continues,

The refusal of Russia to get militarily involved in what it officially views as the “civil war” dimension of the conflict between Damascus and the armed “moderate opposition rebels” following its victory in the international one between the SAA and Daesh suggests that Moscow will now intensify all of its diplomatic efforts towards reaching a “political solution”. There are a few reasons behind all of this, but they can broadly be categorized by domestic and international imperatives that share a common pragmatism.

On the home front, President Putin is delivering on the promise that he made to his countrymen to win their War on Terror, having done so in only a third of his term (~2 years) and without dragging it on indefinitely like the US has done for over 8 times as long. Neither he nor his voters want to see Russia embroiled in what they always fear could become an Afghan-like quagmire by continuing military operations during what they believe to now be a solely “civil war” context. In addition, downscaling Russia’s involvement in Syria could allow the federal government to redirect hundreds of millions of dollars to domestic projects during President Putin’s expected fourth term, which boosts his populist credentials during this election season.

The other reason behind why Russia will probably focus mostly on diplomatic initiatives at this time is because of the role that this intricate process can play in promoting Moscow’s 21st-century “balancing” act in becoming the supreme stabilizing force in the Eurasian supercontinent. By withdrawing most of Russia’s Aerospace Forces from Syria and thereby creating the conditions whereby President Assad is prompted into making “political compromises” as a result, Russia expects to enhance its strategic relations with Turkey, the Kurds, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, all with an eye on furthering the prospects of the emerging Multipolar World Order in this pivotal location at the tri-continental crossroads of Afro-Eurasia.

Furthermore, by withdrawing right after accusing the US of provocative in-air maneuvers over Syria, Russia is extending an “olive branch” of “goodwill” to its Great Power rival and signaling that it’s eager as always to normalize relations if Washington is ready to reciprocate. The much-sought-after and so-called “New Détente” could finally make progress if Russia and the US reach a “gentlemen’s agreement” with one another over the fate of the Syrian Kurdish “federalists”, as appears to already somewhat be the case with both of them encouraging their on-the-ground partners of the SAA and SDF respectively to refrain from crossing the Euphrates River border between them.

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Bearing all of the above in mind, the implications of Russia’s announced military withdrawal from Syria are much larger than simply signifying Daesh’s defeat, but point to a thought-out and far-reaching plan to prompt President Assad into making “political concessions” to the “opposition” as a means of enhancing Russia’s overall “balancing” role in the Mideast, all for the “greater good” of multipolarity. While there’s hope that this process could also yield a breakthrough in relations with the US, such expectations should understandably be tempered by the reality of the “deep state’s” War on Trump, though the prospects of “constructive” US-Russian interaction via the Syrian Kurds – particularly in the event that they succeed in “institutionalizing” their self-declared “federation” in northeastern Syria – shouldn’t be overlooked.

There is no doubt that Putin’s decision is based on the necessities of Russian political life and of Russian interests above all else. However, it should be noted that the withdrawal will only be a partial one and that Russia has announced draw downs in the past only to demonstrate a highly effective military prowess on the ground with those drawn down forces. Now, with a public announcement and acknowledgement of the defeat of ISIS in Syria even to the extent that Russia is preparing to “draw down” its forces, the United States is even further embarrassed upon the world stage and its empire is undressed before everyone since it still refuses to leave even after its stated goals have been accomplished by an opposing foreign power no less. There is no more excuse and cover for the United States to stay in Syria but stay in Syria it plans to do.

Still, with a draw down instead of a complete removal of forces, Russia maintains the ability to reinforce and shore up the Syrian military and still conduct strikes if necessary against terrorist targets. Those forces also stand as a bulwark against direct American aggression against Damascus.

On the other hand, the Russian draw down and its focus on “diplomatic” and “political” solutions to the crisis could lead to the emboldening of terrorists in Idlib and the entrenchment of terrorist SDF/Kurdish forces, all of whom are jockeying for independent “autonomous” states.

At the end of the day, we can only wait and see how these new developments will pan out. For his part, Assad has promised to liberate every inch of Syria and, for the sake of the Syrian people, we hope that will eventually happen.

Brandon Turbeville writes for Activist Post – article archive here – He is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome. Turbeville has published over 1000 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

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