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By B.N. Frank

Earlier this month, Theodora Scarato, Executive Director of Environmental Health Trust and Dr. Cindy Russell of Physicians For Safe Technology presented a webinar for UESF on safe technology use in schools.

It included:

A review of the United Educators of San Francisco Resolution on Technology Safety that addresses wireless radiation
A review of the scientific evidence on health effects of wireless radiation.
Recommendations for schools on how they can reduce radiofrequency radiation exposures.
Examples of actions and reports by teacher unions in North America to protect students and staff.
International and and US policy that addresses radiofrequency radiation and works to reduce exposures.
Examples of schools banning cell phones in classrooms.
Examples of schools and governments banning Wi-Fi in classrooms.
Published resources and recommended videos to learn more.



Doctors recommend reducing EMF in the classroom and to children in general as much as possible.

As dozens of scientists state in their letters (compiled by Environmental Health Trust here) wired networks and corded phones are an important part of a safe and healthy school. For example, read letters to Petaluma Public Schools: Dr. Carpenter, Dr. Anthony Miller, Dr. Martha Herbert, Dr. Lennart Hardell.

Over 250 medical doctors are calling on the United Nations for urgent action on this issue. Please read their published appeal at the European Journal of Oncology (read the list of doctors signing.)
The American Academy of Pediatrics has repeatedly written the US government calling for cell phone/wireless radiofrequency radiation exposure limits to be updated to protect children who are more vulnerable. Read the American Academy of Pediatrics Letter to US Representative Dennis Kucinich in Support of the Cell Phone Right to Know Act  and the Time Magazine News Article –  “Pediatricians Say Cell Phone Radiation Standards Need Another Look”
The EPA recognized educational campaign The BabySafe Project has a statement now signed by over 250 doctors and educators urging pregnant women to reduce wireless exposure to minimize risks to their babies’ brain development. A medical research team at Yale, led by Dr. Hugh Taylor, Chief of Obstetrics at Yale Medicine, found radiofrequency radiation exposure led to higher hyperactivity, poorer memory, and altered brain function—corroborating prior published research findings of altered brain development after exposure.

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Environmental Health Trust offers many printable resources regarding this topic as well:

What Parents Need to Know About Safe Technology

Do’s and Dont’s for  Safe Technology,
How to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Postcard
Colorful Posters (8 by 11): Children and tablets, Teens and sleep, Keeping cell phones out of the pants pocket (PDF), Keep cell phones out of bras.
The New Jersey Education Association published “Minimize health risks from electronic devices” and issued a PDF of these recommendations

Additional videos on this topic recommended by Environmental Health Trust include:

New York State Teachers Union Webinar “Risks of wireless technologies and protecting children and staff in schools”
Read the Press Release on Best Practices For Schools prepared for NYSUT

Generation Zapped: This film is an excellent introduction to the issue and many schools are screening the film to educate the school community.
Wi-Fried: ABC Catalyst Documentary on Wi-Fi and Children
Rapid Fire – What Brain and Sperm Share and Why Care About Cell Phone Radiation| Dr. Devra Davis | TEDxJacksonHole
60 seconds on American Academy of Pediatrics Recommendations to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Exposure. 

Youtube Playlist on Wi-Fi in Schools: News Reports on schools removing the Wi-Fi and scientific lectures.

Children are the future.  Thanks to EHTrust for continuing to share this information with the world.


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