Author Topic: Verizon Promoting 5G to Email Subscribers Even Though Few Want It Where It’s Installed, No Scientific Evidence That It’s Safe, and Increasing Worldwide Opposition.  (Read 46 times)


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By B.N. Frank

A few months ago, Activist Post reported about how Verizon started their “Let’s 5G” campaign which asks customers to contact their legislators to demand that they hurry up and get 5G installed in their communities.

Their most recent “Let’s 5G” email includes nothing about the increasing numbers of credible individuals and organizations (U.S. Navy, NASA, NOAA, meteorologists, doctors, scientists, elected officials, etc.) who oppose the widespread installation of 5G on Earth as well as in space.

It includes nothing about the congressional testimony given by telecom representatives in February and how they could provide no scientific evidence that 5G is safe.



It includes nothing about how 5G was already installed in Sacramento, CA and few people signed up for it.

Activist Post archives are jam-packed with reasons to “Let’s NOT 5G” and its growing opposition.  Keep that in mind when reading some of the details from Verizon’s latest silly email.

5 Incredible Ways 5G Could Change Your Life:

1) Not just fridges that order milk
With faster home wireless than current wired connections, 5G will power truly connected living spaces and even help cut your energy bill – automatically.

2) Get better health-care, anywhere
We’re talking lifelike virtual care that brings your doctor to you. Surgeons using robotics to operate on patients miles away. Even faster first responders.

3) Immerse yourself in learning, or gaming
5G will bring lessons to life with virtual, hands-on learning environments – and kill off pricey gaming devices by making games streamable anywhere, instantly.

4) Get the next level fan experience
Imagine scoring virtual floor seats, or changing camera angles on the big game from your couch, or seeing lyrics to your favorite songs floating over the stage.

5) Make traffic an urban myth
Let’s not only prevent car accidents, let’s end traffic jams altogether. With 5G, self-driving cars should be just the beginning of how you’ll be able to get there, faster.

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