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Sockpuppet Propaganda: Fox News analyst, ‘Very high probability’ Iraq hid WMDs in Syria

Source: RAW

    Editor’s Note: This bit of propaganda is only used to throw some crap up against the wall and see if it sticks. If it doesn’t stick, then there will be more sockpuppets with talking points on Syria. There is zero verifiable information in McInerney’s ‘report’. An Iraqi major general said something, but what is his name? Is he still in his position today, could he shed some light on this story. If Saddam Husseyn had WMD’s he would not be handing them over to a Shi’ite government that he is not on good terms with. It is obvious that there are gears at work attempting to create an impetus to go to war in Syria. This chemical weapons story that even the Obama administration is very skittish about is also part and parcel of their handiwork.  Here’s the cliff notes on the DoD Sockpuppet Program:

    An internal Department of Defense review has concluded that a Rumsfeld-era program under which retired military officers who appeared on American broadcast media were given special briefings and access was consistent with Pentagon rules.

    The inquiry confirmed that Mr. Rumsfeld’s staff frequently provided military analysts with talking points before their network appearances. In some cases, the report said, military analysts “requested talking points on specific topics or issues.” One military analyst described the talking points as “bullet points given for a political purpose.” Another military analyst, the report said, told investigators that the outreach program’s intent “was to move everyone’s mouth on TV as a sock puppet.”

A Fox News military analyst who has previously justified the U.S. invasion in Iraq by asserting that Russia conspired to hide Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD) now says that there is a “very high probability” that those WMDs are in Syria.

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade on Friday spoke to retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney about recent rumors of a chemical attack near Aleppo, Syria.

“What are the chances of the return address on these chemicals being from Iraq?” Kilmeade wondered.

“Well, I think there is a high probability of that,” McInerney declared. “That’s conjecture, but we do know prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom, there was a lot of vehicles crossing the border into Syria. And there was a great deal of conjecture. A Iraqi major general swore by it. He said he delivered it.”

“And so I think that it would be a very high probability if we could get into those bunkers that they would have Iraqi signatures on them.”

In 2006, McInerney told Newsmax that there was “clear evidence” that Iraq had WMDs before the war and that the Bush administration “ignored Russia’s involvement” in helping to hide the weapons.

“[T]he administration needed the Russians, the Chinese and the French, and was not interested in information that would make them look bad,” he said.

A U.S. official on Thursday said that evidence suggested that chemical weapons (CW) had not been used in the latest attacks in Syria.

“Our growing sense is that weaponized CW was not used,” the official remarked, according to Reuters.

A European security official noted that the use of weapons of mass destruction in Syria would have left a death toll much higher than 26.